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Comments on this photo:

Sep 10 2006 14:53 GMT Molivac
Beautiful !!
Sep 10 2006 15:19 GMT Jakeobean
Molivac...thank you very much...it was a very nice place to visit and the babbling of the brook was very calming....thank you for looking at my photographs.
Sep 11 2006 19:13 GMT annaschnitfink
This one is very beautiful Jakobean!
Sep 11 2006 19:27 GMT Jakeobean
Annaschnitfink..thank you very much...it was a very overcast day and I was using my new camera and lense for the first time. I need more practice. Thank you for looking at my pictures.
Sep 11 2006 20:11 GMT Mariamel
Beautiful place , so nicely presented !!
Sep 12 2006 00:25 GMT Jakeobean
Mariamel..thank you so much..it was such a pleasant place to visit....I'd never been before, but I'm sure we will visit again...hopefully in the fall colours......
Sep 16 2006 01:09 GMT losp

Calm & cool .. peace & quiet .. little fish in the waters ..
probably butterflies .. beautiful sounds from insects & birds ..
beautiful and can be very inspiring for some .. an excellent
foto !!!
Sep 16 2006 01:12 GMT Jakeobean
Losp..thank you for the kind words...yes it a wonderful place to visit.....sometimes the whole scene comes alive if you sit quietly for a few minutes.........
Sep 16 2006 10:27 GMT ponderosa
Thank you 4 your comment, this photo reminds me when i went for a trip in southern spain in a natural park, it was very beautiful, one of my best holydays
Sep 16 2006 12:02 GMT Jakeobean
Ponderosa...thank you for your comment..and you are most welcome for my comment on your photograph..I think one of the most marvelous thing about this site is the exchange of sights and the thoughts and ideas they provoke....the wife and I are coming to Barcelona, Spain in January to see the city and Gaudi's work.
Sep 16 2006 15:09 GMT LynJvV
Stunning spot!
Sep 16 2006 16:12 GMT Jakeobean
LynJvV..this is very close to where we just moved....I'm anxious to photograph the fall colours in this same location........
Oct 23 2006 06:07 GMT annaschnitfink
Beautiful brook and lovely green on either side. Very good picture.
Oct 23 2006 06:12 GMT M25W15L42
Excellent shot.... I love mother nature... the outdoors etc.... great shots...
Oct 24 2006 09:24 GMT Jakeobean
Annaschnitfink....thank you very much for this compliment....it was a lovely location........
Oct 24 2006 09:25 GMT Jakeobean
M25W15L42....thank you so very much for your compliment....mother nature is the provider of most of our beauty...........
Oct 03 2007 01:58 GMT pictureofperfection
great picture...i feel like i'm there. this picture has a very calming effect
Oct 03 2007 14:21 GMT Jakeobean
PicturePerfection....thank you so very much...so nice to meet you..this photograph was taking in the Catoctin State Park in Maryland....very nice place.....I'm thrilled that you like the photograph....(welcome to fotothing...I think you will enjoy this site....friendly people and well managed site......)
Mar 07 2008 09:48 GMT palakol
Surreal Photo.. c",)
Mar 07 2008 09:53 GMT Jakeobean
Palakol...thank you my dear friend....we often go for drives in the countryside and sometimes we get to see these marvelous scenes....and I enjoy sharing them with my friends in fotothing...
Apr 12 2010 12:54 GMT Mariusz
very good sharpness focus and cropping. Nice photo
Apr 12 2010 17:28 GMT Jakeobean
Mariusz...thank you so very much for such a wonderful and thoughtful comment.....