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Tags shaker

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Pleasant Hill Shaker Village, Kentucky, USA
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 19 2007 12:45 GMT paintpictures
fantastic !!!!!!
Oct 19 2007 12:52 GMT Jakeobean
PaintPictures...thank you so very much...the Shaker Brothers and Sisters always lived separately. In all structures used by both the Brothers and Sisters, there are two doors and two sets of stairs in each structure....just on the other side of this hallway is another matching spiral staircase......one set was used by the Brothers and the other by the Sisters.
Oct 19 2007 13:02 GMT DIGITALOOKING
Absolutely fantastic shot! Well done!
Oct 19 2007 13:06 GMT Jakeobean
DigitalLooking....thank you so very much....this was a wonderful mini vacation we had to this particular Shaker Village.....marvelous craftsman.....
Oct 19 2007 13:14 GMT Minz PRO
Feel quite dizzy just looking at this .........lol
Great capture.
Oct 19 2007 13:17 GMT Jakeobean
Minz..thank you so very much....I don't do well with heights either....I know how you feel......
Oct 19 2007 13:25 GMT soldier
Hi Jakeobean, my fried! This is SUPER!!!
Oct 19 2007 13:29 GMT Jakeobean
Solder....thank you so very much....it was very dark in this building and I was so afraid the photograph would not come out or it would be fuzzy.....I think I got lucky and so thankful...it's a marvelous sight.......
Oct 19 2007 13:29 GMT Lubranco
Super angle here dear Jake ! Terrific !
Oct 19 2007 13:33 GMT Jakeobean
Lubranco.....thank you so very much...I have to admit that I was a bit nervous leaning over the rails to take this photograph....I'm not at my best with at heights.....
Oct 19 2007 13:47 GMT charlotte
superb like an eye
Oct 19 2007 14:16 GMT Pietje
Jake tell me where is the elevator to many steps LOL

Nice shot .....
Oct 19 2007 14:17 GMT PhotoPro PRO
craftmanship and design alone is gorgrous but your composition makes this a special shot!!
Oct 19 2007 14:54 GMT Znuber
Lovely photo - nice shapes and colours - spiral fading into the depth with a nice zig-zag in the steps, I like the composition of this photo - cheers:-)))
Oct 19 2007 14:59 GMT beast33
fantastic capture
Oct 19 2007 15:30 GMT hans55 PRO
i like this one !!
Oct 19 2007 18:07 GMT Crowy
Hi Jake..this is just fantastic !!!
Oct 19 2007 18:33 GMT AlisonBelinda
Very beautiful. There is beauty in everything they do it seems.
Oct 19 2007 18:42 GMT Jakeobean
Charlotte..thank you so very much....I couldn't get both staircases into one photograph but just on the other side of the hallway was another identical spiral staircase.....(two eyes)...
Oct 19 2007 18:44 GMT Jakeobean
Pietje...the Shakers didn't believe in that many modern appliances....they wanted their people to develop strong muscles to work in the fields......I'm guess on that last comment.....thank you so much for your support....
Oct 19 2007 18:45 GMT Jakeobean
PhotoPro....thank you so very much....it amazed me that the design was so precise and to have matching spiral staircases beside each other that matched perfectly was stunning....my photograph only captured their beauty and skill...I hoped....
Oct 19 2007 18:46 GMT Jakeobean
Znuber...these stairs were quite amazing....I was intrigued by the curvature they place upon each tread of the staircase...amazing perspective and vision.....
Oct 19 2007 18:47 GMT Jakeobean
Beast..thank you so very much for your marvelous comment....I'm absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed the photograph...
Oct 19 2007 18:48 GMT Jakeobean
Hans...I'm so pleased that you like the photograph.....I knew that these spiral staircases were in this lodging....but I wasn't sure if they would let a visitor to their village photograph them.....fortunately for me they were very accommodating........
Oct 19 2007 18:49 GMT Jakeobean
Crowy..thank you so very much....I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our visit to the Shaker village but even more pleased that my friend in fotothing seem to enjoy our photographs...thank you my friend....
Oct 19 2007 18:53 GMT Jakeobean
Alison...you are absolutely right about their ability to create beauty in architecture, furniture and villages....they would buy large plots of vacant land and plan the whole village before the first structure was started....they simplistic designs and marvelous perspectives of furniture design were unparalleled in my opinion....we have had several pieces of furniture built by the Amish, a like group of people, to the original specifications of the Shaker furniture....
Oct 19 2007 19:08 GMT dreamowl
wow...fantastic architectonic eye..it's perfect
Oct 19 2007 19:09 GMT dolors
Wonderful shot
Oct 19 2007 19:46 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Great series of pictures - very lovely and simple style - I love it!
Oct 19 2007 20:37 GMT Snappa
From the thumbnail I thought this was an eye with luxurious eyelashed...must be MY eyes. Lovely shot.
Oct 19 2007 23:18 GMT branca
this is fabulous!!!!
Oct 20 2007 08:59 GMT Kark1
Great captured!
Oct 20 2007 12:15 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful shot, great details and light ;-)
Oct 20 2007 12:44 GMT Jakeobean
Dreamowl..thank you so very much....the architecture of the Shakers was very simple but very functional. They were very creative people, they would route water for power, and had running water in many facilities. Simplicity and pride in their work was one of their core values...
Oct 20 2007 12:45 GMT Jakeobean
Dolors...thank you so very much...I knew about these matching spiral staircases from books that I've read but seeing them in person made them even more dramatic....I hope
I was able to capture some of the beauty of their craftsmanship...
Oct 20 2007 12:47 GMT Jakeobean
ThorBeverley...The Shakers wanted to keep things orderly and clean....their architecture was an extension of that theme....I'm so happy that you have enjoyed the series...thank you...
Oct 20 2007 12:49 GMT Jakeobean
Snappa...I can certainly agree with your vision from the thumbnail...I can't tell you how often I'm tilted my head, trying to figure out an image from the thumbnail and to be completely surprised when I open the photograph...but I'm glad you took the time to open this photograph...thank you so much...
Oct 20 2007 12:49 GMT Jakeobean
Branca....It's so nice to meet you....thank you so much for taking the time to look at my photographs and giving me this wonderful comment....I'm thrilled that you have enjoyed the series........
Oct 20 2007 12:51 GMT Jakeobean
Kark1....thank you very much...I'm not at my best at heights and the fall to the bottom of the stairs would have been tragic....but I wanted to capture the beauty of this work....Thank you so very much........
Oct 20 2007 12:52 GMT Jakeobean
Cooler..thank you so very much....I was so afraid that I would not be able to hold the camera still enough to take this photograph given the limited light in the building...I'm so glad that the photograph came out so clear....more luck than talent I have to admit....
Oct 20 2007 16:03 GMT jamaboop
a marvelous image - and a joy to the eye!!
Oct 20 2007 17:36 GMT senna3
This is marvelous Jake, outstanding image!
Oct 21 2007 04:40 GMT Poulet PRO
Fantassssssssssssssssstic shot, Jake!!! :))
Oct 21 2007 05:54 GMT karlbark
Great shot here - and very interesting series (and well shot!) :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Oct 21 2007 09:14 GMT Jakeobean
Lasmini...thank you so very much...Shaker Architecture is very functional and simple..nothing was added for looks...it all was meant to be functional...I found this to be quite attractive.....
Oct 21 2007 09:16 GMT Jakeobean
Jamaboop...thank you so very much...I'm so glad you like the photograph...I wasn't too sure if I could get it to come out with the limited light.......
Oct 21 2007 09:17 GMT Jakeobean
Senna...thank you so very much...I had seen these staircases in books but they were more gorgeous when I actually got to see them...
Oct 21 2007 09:18 GMT Jakeobean
Poulet...thank you so very much....there were two matching spiral staircases...one for the Brothers and one for the Sisters.....all their buildings that were shared between the men and women had two doors and two sets of staircases.....part of their tradition...
Oct 21 2007 09:19 GMT Jakeobean
Karl..thank you so very much....I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the series....I had a great time visiting the village and sharing the images with my friends...
Oct 22 2007 03:50 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Perspective.......Super Architecture too!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 22 2007 07:11 GMT Adamus
Great shot.
Oct 22 2007 09:31 GMT Jakeobean
Glenn....than you so very much...the amazing part of this architecture was there was an identical spiral staircase on the other side of the hallway that matched this one identically...unbelievable architecture...
Oct 22 2007 09:32 GMT Jakeobean
Adamus..thank you so very much...I knew about these staircases from books I'd seen but they were more spectacular when I actually got to see them....I got lucky with the available light and actually held the camera still....
Oct 23 2007 00:36 GMT fredaH
beautiful perspective shot.
Oct 23 2007 00:52 GMT Jakeobean
Freda....thank you so very much....I had seen this photograph in a book and wanted to take a "like" photograph....I overcame my fear of heights and leaned over the rail as far as I could and hoped I could keep the camera still.....
Oct 23 2007 20:59 GMT Tavascarow
Oct 24 2007 00:41 GMT Jakeobean
Tavascarow...thank you so very much....it was an unbelievable example of architecture and craftsmanship...........
Oct 24 2007 01:57 GMT martini957
very interesting shot....makes me think of an eye
Oct 24 2007 05:36 GMT Jakeobean
Martini..thank you so very much....until you open the photograph to full size...it does look like an eye in the small thumbnail size.....
Oct 25 2007 20:32 GMT Molivac
Fantastic !!!! Great composition
Oct 26 2007 08:25 GMT Jakeobean
Molivac..thank you so very much....your comments are so appreciated....when you receive comments from photographers you greatly admire, it's special....thank you....
Oct 27 2007 11:41 GMT markogden
I like.............spiral staircases have a lot to offer on all levels!!!!!!
Oct 27 2007 12:44 GMT Jakeobean
Markogden...thank you so much...I could not be in more agreement on spiral staircases....your example was stunning....they have a nature perspective and very impressive......
Oct 28 2007 15:23 GMT marconix
superb geometry!congrats...
Oct 30 2007 18:33 GMT haftlis
Lovely !!!
Oct 31 2007 01:11 GMT Jakeobean
Marconix...thank you so very much....it's amazing to see two identical spiral staircases on each side of the hallway......amazing work for the early 1800's....
Oct 31 2007 01:12 GMT Jakeobean
Haftlis...thank you so very much...this was truly one of the highlights of the architecture...
Nov 11 2007 10:43 GMT bluefam
Nov 11 2007 11:50 GMT Jakeobean
Bluefam..thank you so very much....this was one of two matching staircases built by the Shaker craftsman in the 1800's....fabulous work....
Nov 17 2007 09:44 GMT micati
Fantastic shot.......!!!!
Nov 17 2007 20:08 GMT Jakeobean
Micati..thank you so very much...I know about this scene from books I had viewed and always wanted to visit....when I finally got the change, it was far more spectacular than I could have imagined....marvelous work.......
Jan 10 2008 13:42 GMT senna3
Jake, when I scanned through your photo gallery I saw again this "shaker" photo.
I now realized that it is almost like a fractal image, and I wonder what happens when you "fractilize" this image.
Recently I downloaded the GIMP software because it has an interesting fractal tool. I would like to experiment with your picture, unless, of course, when you have plans yourself!
Please let me know your opinion.
Jan 10 2008 15:21 GMT Jakeobean
Senna....I would be very honored for you to work on any of my photographs.....I'm curious to see the results.....thank you so much for writing......Jake
Jan 14 2008 12:12 GMT senna3
Jake, although I regularly use my comment button to check whether there are replies on my comments, I overlooked your above answer of January 10 (it would be nice if FT would let us know by email when there is a reply on a particular comment!).
I really appreciate your positive reaction. I now start experimenting with your picture and will post the result if I get something satisfactory.
Jan 26 2008 19:10 GMT josevadym
I like it
Jan 27 2008 01:22 GMT Jakeobean
Josevadym.....it is so very nice to meet you.....I'm a very big fan of the Shaker architecture and craftsmanship.....this is one of two identical spiral stair cases built in the Pleasant Hill Shaker Village in Kentucky......thank you so very much for your comment....