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Burnside Bridge, Antieham Civil War Battlefield, Sharpsburg, Maryland, USA
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 16 2006 00:59 GMT jul
I like the composition of this pic and thanks for your comment of my New Skete pic.
Sep 16 2006 01:10 GMT Jakeobean
Jul..thank you very much...I was sincere in my compliments to you about your photograph and want to thank you for looking at mine.....thanks so much.....
Sep 16 2006 09:27 GMT ander
Beautiful scene
Sep 16 2006 09:31 GMT rescue193uk PRO
wonderful, great composition - looks like a postcard :D
Sep 16 2006 12:09 GMT Jakeobean
Rescue193UK..thank you very much for the wonderful comment. this is the location of a tragic part of American history....the Civil War battle at Antieham, Maryland represents the bloodiest single day in American history. I'm so glad that t was made a national park so we all remember.......to never let this happen again.
Sep 16 2006 12:24 GMT wifey
What a serenely beautiful place. So much history really strikes the chords of the soul. Thank you for your kind words.
Sep 16 2006 14:18 GMT Jakeobean
Wifey..you are so welcome...Yes Antieham is one of those places that cause "goosebumps", everytime I visit. The museum has photographs taked in the 1860's on the day of the major battle and you can walk out and see the same fields and buildings...nothing has changed except the unfortunates one's lying in the fields...I hope it never changes.....and acts as a constant reminder...
Sep 16 2006 15:05 GMT LynJvV
Awesome bridge so nicely framed!
Sep 16 2006 16:14 GMT Jakeobean
RTW..thank you so much..it was a lovely location and angle they provided for us to approach the bridge.......
Sep 16 2006 16:15 GMT Jakeobean
LynJvV..thank you so much for looking at my photographs....I think it's all that I've seen in fotothing that has helped me achieve these results...photography is a never ending lesson..........
Oct 23 2006 06:23 GMT annaschnitfink
Beautiful scenery. May be I will have added a second comment here and there, but I do not want to be influenced by what others wrote, so I just look at your picture and write my reaction upon it!
Oct 24 2006 09:08 GMT Jakeobean
Annaschnitfink...I'm so glad that you have provided me with you individual opinions upon my photographs.....I believe all comments (good or bad) help me improve my skills in a hobby that I plan to carry into my retirement....if I ever do retire...........
Apr 02 2007 01:37 GMT Mafernandes
a very romantic place
Apr 02 2007 08:03 GMT Jakeobean
Mafernandes...this is a very beautiful location near our residence....it's one of my favorite places to walk and photograph...although it was a tragic place in American history....