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Tags wildlife


We had visitors this evening....in the back garden.....
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 29 2012 02:00 GMT potterjo
Wonderful, the ones around here won't come into the yard... now the deer are something else.
Oct 29 2012 07:31 GMT senna3
Nice capture Jake!
Oct 29 2012 10:12 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
You had quite a few visitors indeed. Fine shot.
Oct 29 2012 12:51 GMT Jakeobean
Jo....thanks so much...we have lots of wildlife coming into our back yard...we are one of the highest on the mountain and completely surrounded with woods so they feel pretty safe in our back garden....of course we put out feed for many of them too....
Oct 29 2012 12:52 GMT Jakeobean
Peter,...thank you so very much....its a very big thrill for me to see the wild turkey...This morning we saw the turkey intimidating the deer for food....finally the deer gave up and the turkey continued to eat....
Oct 29 2012 12:54 GMT Jakeobean
McDonegal....thank you so very much...we put out a little food for the wildlife and they visit us quite often....we are very fortunate to live in the woods to see all this wildlife....fortunately we haven't seen any bear this year....at least not yet...
Oct 31 2012 19:08 GMT annieann PRO
very nicely taken as always
Nov 01 2012 05:09 GMT pauli3522
what kind of bird are they?
Nov 04 2012 17:45 GMT Jakeobean
Annie...thank you so very much....I find these birds to be quite beautiful...
Nov 04 2012 17:45 GMT Jakeobean
Hunju...thank you so very much for you wonderful comments...I'm so glade you enjoy them....
Nov 04 2012 17:47 GMT Jakeobean
Paulina....these birds are the eastern Wild Turkey....there are four species of wild turkey that live in the North America...Eastern, Oseola, Rio Grande, and Western....they are quite big birds and tend to appear in flocks....
Nov 27 2012 02:25 GMT gtc126
Dec 02 2012 19:42 GMT Jakeobean
Glenn....Nah, I didn't...they are in my backyard and we feed them...just wouldn't feel right doing something like that......