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Tags trials

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Bird Dog Competition......
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 25 2012 21:32 GMT gtc126
Sep 25 2012 22:08 GMT hans55 PRO
a great catch ...allert dog !!
Sep 25 2012 22:58 GMT FLUMP
A very happy looking dog....raring to go!
Sep 26 2012 00:34 GMT porph
Like a real warrior...
Sep 26 2012 04:55 GMT Annamaria
Great portrait!!
Sep 26 2012 08:15 GMT senna3
What a great pose, this dog is quite a personality!
Sep 26 2012 11:54 GMT hallo
Perfect pose and capture!
Sep 27 2012 19:10 GMT Jakeobean
Glenn...this particular dog was called "Cody"....I thought it was a beautiful dog as were the other breeds....
Sep 27 2012 19:11 GMT Jakeobean
Hans....thank you...all of these dogs were very attentive and excited about hunting....there were several breeds present and all were very beautiful....
Sep 27 2012 19:12 GMT Jakeobean
Flump....this dog was very excited about going hunting....it was quite clear that these dogs were breed to hunt....
Sep 27 2012 19:13 GMT Jakeobean
Porph...I rode to the dog trials with a friend who had his dog in the box in the back of the Jeep....the dog was very quiet as we drove to the hunting location but as soon as we got close, the dog knew and became very excited.....
Sep 27 2012 19:14 GMT Jakeobean
Anna Maria....thank you so very much....a good friend of mine who is a professional photographer told me to take the photographs at the same level as the dogs...I'm glad I followed his advise.....
Sep 27 2012 19:15 GMT Jakeobean
Peter...I was impressed by the powerful build of this dog....he was so excited about the trial and patiently waited for his turn to hunt......
Sep 27 2012 19:15 GMT Jakeobean
Hallo...thank you so very much.....all the credit must go to the dog....they were so beautiful.....
Sep 30 2012 04:50 GMT pauli3522
is he a champion??
Oct 01 2012 03:15 GMT porph
Yes Pete, like Rumi said "Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart."

I believe other races keep that so wholly dear at their heart, these beautiful dogs included.
Oct 02 2012 19:54 GMT Jakeobean
Hunji...thank you so very much....I believe it was the dog more than the photographer....
Oct 02 2012 19:56 GMT Jakeobean
Paulina.....I'm not sure if this dog is a champion or not....I know that he didn't win the competition on this trail...the first place winner was a Brittany Spaniel and the second place winner was a German short-hair pointer.....
Oct 02 2012 19:57 GMT Jakeobean
Porph...you so so right...it was obvious that these dogs needed minimal training to do what they were doing....it all came quite naturally to them.....they had a young dog class and I watching a 5 month old pup do wonderfully....
Oct 03 2012 02:54 GMT potterjo
great shot, looks like he is ready to go,
Oct 07 2012 19:51 GMT annieann PRO
wonderful looking dog
Oct 19 2012 23:41 GMT linnywv PRO
Happy Birthday Jake!!!
Nov 28 2012 23:18 GMT charlie26
Lovely shot.
Dec 02 2012 19:43 GMT Jakeobean
Jo...she was a very good pointer....she was so excited about the hunt...
Dec 02 2012 19:44 GMT Jakeobean
Annie....these dogs were so beautiful and so well trained....I'm not a hunter but they sure liked being in the field....
Dec 02 2012 19:44 GMT Jakeobean
Yikes...I had another birthday......Nah....couldn't be...
Dec 02 2012 19:44 GMT Jakeobean
Charlie....thanks so very much....this dog was really posing for me....
Dec 09 2012 11:16 GMT Riet
A wonderful shot of that fantastic dog!
Dec 10 2012 10:41 GMT Jakeobean
Thank you Riet....this was a beautiful bird hunting dog....I was asked to photograph a bird trial and this is one of the dog....