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Tags bird eagle

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Eagle at recovery center...........
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 01 2011 03:15 GMT linnywv PRO
Poor thing! I hope he fully recovers.
Jul 01 2011 04:27 GMT larrybenedict
Looks to be in rough shape.
Jul 01 2011 12:27 GMT porph
Still looks powerful regardless...
Jul 02 2011 11:05 GMT Jakeobean
Lin, the people at the rescue center said he is trying to fly so that's a good sign....
Jul 02 2011 11:06 GMT Jakeobean
Larry....he's not doing too bad, considering that someone shot him....he's been in the recovery center for about 2 months....most of the damage was done to his wings....his mate was killed....its unfortunate that someone would do this to an animal...
Jul 02 2011 11:08 GMT Jakeobean
Porph....the center believes that this bird will recover very soon....I was called into the center to design a new enclosure for recovering birds.....I've never done anything like this before so it's an exciting project...
Jul 02 2011 18:57 GMT senna3
Very expressive image!
Jul 03 2011 01:50 GMT charlie26
So beautiful. Must be awesome to see such animals. Thanks for sharing.
Jul 03 2011 04:12 GMT porph
Enjoy your great job, Jake.

It's not unfortunate that someone doing it to animals, it's poor and low behaviour from illiterate and so they act irrespondsive and disrespective, sometimes even to their own kids so,.. what can we say about this poverty that no money can solve? Anyway I believe with great joy in at least this good thing: the injured bird can recover someday but those who shoot them can't. Never, hehe.
Jul 04 2011 09:24 GMT Jakeobean
Peter,..thank you so very much....this great bird has a positive spirit I believe...
Jul 04 2011 09:25 GMT Jakeobean
Charlie....thank you so very much.....it was my pleasure....
Jul 04 2011 09:27 GMT Jakeobean
Porph....I agree wholeheartedly....I will never understand how a person becomes so hurtful......fortunately, they are in the minority.....let's hope...
Jul 05 2011 02:32 GMT porph
It's understandable, Jake. They are hurtful out of inadequateness, and what's wrong is they don't care enough to fill the shallow with goodness.
Jul 07 2011 04:56 GMT Annamaria
This sure is terrible, Jake! Luckily he was found and taken care for!!

Good luck with the new challenge for you!! ;-)
Jul 08 2011 15:41 GMT pauli3522
wow..it looks like an statue
Jul 24 2011 14:21 GMT h43
Wow, what a beak. Remind me not to lie down anywhere near him. He is a gorgeous looking bird though.
Apr 21 2013 07:05 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Hope that you can allow the bird a bit more space. Good work, my friend.
Apr 21 2013 23:20 GMT Jakeobean
Jim...thank you so very much...I took this photograph at an animal rescue location...the birds are rehabilitated and released.....I think this magnificent bird was soon released after this photograph....