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Photographs taken at Hunting Dog Trials.....
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 08 2013 15:52 GMT Foggydew
A beauty!

Apr 08 2013 16:51 GMT ujbanyiv
Great Photo.
Apr 08 2013 20:01 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Series of Pointers, Beautiful Dogs!!!!!
Apr 09 2013 04:48 GMT porph
Ready for Any Attack
(Bring 'Em On)
Apr 09 2013 17:31 GMT senna3
What a pose, great capture!
Apr 18 2013 03:44 GMT pauli3522
tipical pointer......
Apr 20 2013 09:59 GMT Jakeobean
Hunju,,,thank you so very much....
Apr 20 2013 09:59 GMT Jakeobean
Foggy...these dogs have such nice instincts but they are wonderfully trained by the owners....
Apr 20 2013 10:00 GMT Jakeobean
Ujbanyiv...thank you so very much....I've been asked by the organizer of these events to photograph the event...
Apr 20 2013 10:01 GMT Jakeobean
Glenn..thank you so very much....these dogs are amazing and it's very interesting to see them work and the excitement they exhibit...
Apr 20 2013 10:02 GMT Jakeobean
Porph...the dogs will hold this stance until the hunter arrives....many of the younger dogs will hold the point temporarily but they tend to jump in too early...
Apr 20 2013 10:03 GMT Jakeobean
Peter...thank you so very much....these dogs are amazing...they are so excited to began and work very hard for the hunters.....amazing animals to watch...
Apr 20 2013 10:04 GMT Jakeobean
Paulina....this dog was a German Shorthair Pointer.....there were several other breeds used for pointing but I do not know all their names....
Apr 20 2013 20:25 GMT Annamaria
Great pose for a hunting dog!!
Apr 21 2013 23:30 GMT Jakeobean
Anna Maria...thank you so very much....some of the dogs had classic stance but some would just freeze in whatever position they discovered the bird.....impressive dogs to watch,...