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150th Anniversary of the Battle of Sharpsburg/Antietam.....American Civil War Reenactment....
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 18 2012 02:50 GMT linnywv PRO
A perfect shot! You must open it to full size to see the expressions!
Sep 18 2012 03:25 GMT pauli3522
it seems very impressive moment that you catch in this pic
Sep 18 2012 06:11 GMT Foggydew
very realistic!
Sep 18 2012 09:58 GMT annieann PRO
excellent work
Sep 18 2012 17:26 GMT Annamaria
Great series!! It must be impressive to watch!!
Sep 18 2012 17:56 GMT Jakeobean
Thanks Lin.....I am going to frame this one.....
Sep 18 2012 17:57 GMT Jakeobean
Paulina....thank you so very much....this is the first big reenactment I've ever seen....it was very loud with lots of smoke...I was impressed by the number of actors that took part in this show....over 5,000.....
Sep 18 2012 17:58 GMT Jakeobean
Foggy...it was extremely realistic....the actors go to great detail in their uniforms...many study a particular solder, unit and battles.....living historians....
Sep 18 2012 17:59 GMT Jakeobean
Annie...thank you so very much...my daughter bought tickets for herself, my grandson and myself...we had excellent seats to see the whole battle which lasted for more than an hour.....lots of soldiers, lots of gunfire, cannon fire and horses.......
Sep 18 2012 18:01 GMT Jakeobean
Anna Maria...I've never seen anything like this before...it was so realistic....I couldn't help but think of the tragedy that occurred 150 years ago....I was surprised to hear that the average age of the soldier was 18 years old.....many had never fired a gun before being thrust into battle.......
Sep 18 2012 19:21 GMT Annamaria
Soldiers ften still are very young these days, Jake! Such a tragedy.... I wonder if they will ever learn from all these young lives killed because of the ideas of just a few man...
Sep 20 2012 16:14 GMT Jakeobean
Anna Maria....If history is any measure, I think we are doomed for perpetual conflict of some sort.....I agree...this is so tragic....Why can't we respect each other......
Sep 21 2012 22:29 GMT larrybenedict
This is one you should 'blow up' and frame. Probably bring top dollar at a gallery.
Sep 22 2012 13:58 GMT Jakeobean
Larry...thank you so very much...as a matter of fact, Lin printed out this photograph on her 13 x 19 inch printer....and we are going to frame this one......maybe we'll try and sell a few as well........
Sep 23 2012 18:35 GMT senna3
Back to the past, very impressive!
Sep 24 2012 13:31 GMT Jakeobean
Peter...thank you so very much....my grandson has a big interest in American history and he was quite thrilled to have attended this event......
Sep 24 2012 13:40 GMT Riet
This is great, Jake! It is like a movie!
Sep 24 2012 23:41 GMT annieann PRO
i bet it was excellent jakeobean lovely atmosphere too
Sep 25 2012 04:09 GMT gtc126
Awesome Series of Civil War reinactments!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have an Uncle that does these reinactments I have been trying for years for him to let me know when he is going to do one, I have wanted to take pictures.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for Sharing
Sep 25 2012 20:18 GMT Jakeobean
Riet...thank you so very much....I talked with many of the reactors and they do this to provided a living history and they take their parts very seriously.....
Sep 25 2012 20:19 GMT Jakeobean
Annie...it was a big event...I believe over 5,000 actors took place in the battle...it was quite impressive.......
Sep 25 2012 20:20 GMT Jakeobean
Glenn..thank you so very much...I talked with men from both the north and south at this event...they all know the units to which they belonged and the battles they fought...it was extremely interesting....