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John Brown's Farm House where he planned the attack on Harpers Ferry Arsenal.....
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 23 2011 00:22 GMT larrybenedict
Nicely preserved. I like that split rail fence. My wondering mind imagines that whomever built this (maybe John Brown himself) ran out of field stone and started stacking logs. It couldn't have been easy to lift those logs up high like that.
Aug 23 2011 05:17 GMT Foggydew
great building!
Aug 23 2011 08:25 GMT senna3
A house with history. Great that is so well taken care for!
Aug 23 2011 13:25 GMT Annamaria
It still looks very nice!
Aug 24 2011 21:06 GMT Jakeobean
Hi Larry...John Brown rented this farm prior to his attack on Harpers Ferry. The farm belonged to the Kennedy's. John Brown, a few of his sons, and 19 of his accomplices rented this farm and planned the attack on Harpers Ferry hoping that the Black's would have an uprising. No black uprising occurred and Robert E. Lee of the United States Army (later to become the General of the Virginia's) settled the uprising and John Brown was convicted to hang along with his accomplices and sons. Split Rail fences (mostly locust trees) were quite common in the area. Ironically the image in this photograph is at the end of our driveway...we live on part of the original John Brown (Kennedy) Farm.
Aug 24 2011 21:07 GMT Jakeobean
Foggy..thank you so very much...this building was in ruins prior to the National Park service taking the effort to restore the building to it's original condition....
Aug 24 2011 21:09 GMT Jakeobean
Peter....the cabin or farm house is well preserved now but at one time it was in total ruins. That national park service took it over as a national landmark and totally restored it for future generations. We live on part of the original John Brown farm and it's stated as such on our deed. I guess by default we are part of national history.
Aug 24 2011 21:11 GMT Jakeobean
Anna Maria....it is a very nice place to visit...we see it each time we live our house as it's at the end of our lane....our house is part of the original John Brown farm. It is now a National Landmark and maintained by the National Park Service....
Sep 07 2011 12:46 GMT abojovna PRO
Interesting! Thanks!
Sep 18 2011 22:39 GMT h43
This is lovely Jake. I love getting the history lessons too.
Apr 21 2013 07:03 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Wow...to live so close...
Apr 21 2013 23:21 GMT Jakeobean
Jim...we live in a very historic area....John Brown's Farm, Harpers Ferry, and Antietam Battlefield are all within 20 minutes from our home.....