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Russian Orthadox Church in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, USA
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 09 2006 13:34 GMT Arik77
Beautiful church ! Great composition !
Sep 09 2006 18:02 GMT bojtorjan
Wonderful building...great shot!
Sep 10 2006 10:13 GMT linnywv PRO
Great shot!
Sep 10 2006 10:27 GMT Jakeobean
Arik77..thank you so much for your comment....this kind of architecture "forces" you to pull out your camera. I wish all my photographs had captured the sky like this one.
Sep 10 2006 10:28 GMT Jakeobean
Bojtorjan, Thank you so much....I have taken pictures of several of these beautifully architected orthodox churchs in my travel. I'll have to find more to post.
Sep 10 2006 10:29 GMT Jakeobean
Linny, thank you so much for the compliment....I don't think I've seen on of these type churches that I didn't stop to either just look at it or photograph the structure.
Sep 10 2006 10:43 GMT rescue193uk PRO
Super composition, with the background of the sky - wonderful
Sep 10 2006 11:54 GMT Jakeobean
Rescue193uk...thank you so much for looking at my photographs....I wish all of my landscape photograhic attempts captured the sky as this photo did....
Sep 10 2006 14:07 GMT rcm
A decidedly cinematic shot. Love the sky.
Sep 10 2006 14:29 GMT beingmeclaire
I love this photograph, the church is beautiful
Sep 10 2006 15:22 GMT Jakeobean
RCM...I agree with you..the sky makes this picture I think....I wish all my photographs would capture this kind of detail in the sky.....Thank you so much..
Sep 10 2006 15:23 GMT Jakeobean
BeingmeClaire....Thank you very much....this is a very beautiful style of architecture....I have another example somewhere but I've got to find it....
Sep 16 2006 00:53 GMT Afrogie
Wonderful scene!
Sep 16 2006 01:08 GMT Jakeobean
Afrogie..thank you very much...this type of architecture always attracts my attention.....I think it's beautiful..........
Oct 23 2006 06:03 GMT annaschnitfink
Very nice church with all those different roofs, giving you the idea that it is a lot of small buildings getting close together...
Oct 24 2006 08:17 GMT Jakeobean
Annaschnitfink....it actually does look like a whole series of buildings pushed together....there are several of these churchs with this same architecture in the area.....I need to find some other examples......
Nov 05 2006 23:47 GMT Mafernandes
It seems to be a draw! Fantastic
Nov 06 2006 00:32 GMT Jakeobean
Mafernandes....I find these Orthodox churchs to be so unique and beautiful.....There were several in New Jersey where I last lived........thank you so much for your compliment........
May 09 2007 03:35 GMT paparazziboy
May 09 2007 09:38 GMT Jakeobean
Paparazzboy...thank you very much...this is one of the very first photographs I ever took with a digital camera....I should see if I can find others I took of this church..it was so beautiful..
May 09 2007 15:58 GMT paparazziboy
..It's a stunning shot!
May 09 2007 19:23 GMT Jakeobean
Paparazziboy...thank you so very much..these orthadox churches have a very unique architecture...quite appealing......
Nov 04 2007 07:31 GMT OrangeRose
Great looking church, I also like how this church really sticks out under the sky.
Nov 04 2007 07:58 GMT Jakeobean
OrangeRose...thank you so very much....sometimes we get a bit lucky with the colour of the sky.....this was one of those lucky moments....
Dec 07 2008 20:27 GMT andrej67
Hi!!!I like this foto!!!
Dec 11 2008 19:50 GMT Jakeobean
Andre...thank you so very much....this was my very first photograph in "fotothing".....these orthodox churches are beautiful......
Sep 04 2009 14:23 GMT Tom444
there are many new styles of churches, but this one represents the religion