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Tags winery

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Beautiful display in the Biltmore Winery....I bought a few bottles of wine....now wishing I'd bought more of the Cabernet.....
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 21 2009 10:59 GMT LadyDaisy
So cute pink bottles haha! But the mosaic on the wall is fantastic! Gorgeous!
Mar 21 2009 11:06 GMT Jakeobean
Daisy....I have to admit that the pink labels are a bit "over the edge" but I really like the mosaic as well...they spared no expense on the details at the Biltmore Estate...I was also quite surprised with the quality of wine as well...
Mar 21 2009 12:11 GMT annieann PRO
a wonderful picture here !!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 21 2009 12:52 GMT senna3
Great view, as a wine collector this is "music" for my eyes!
Which cabernet did you buy?
Mar 21 2009 12:53 GMT Ro73
Thanks for your comment!
Very nice picture, although maybe it would be better if colours were a little bit less saturated...
Mar 21 2009 13:41 GMT abojovna PRO
Cabernet is a good wine, beautiful photo!
Mar 21 2009 13:49 GMT martini957
very nice
Mar 23 2009 01:54 GMT larrybenedict
Very colorful photo. Glad you pleasantly surprised with the wine.
Mar 24 2009 18:19 GMT Cooler PRO
And a beautiful image ;-)))
Mar 25 2009 10:00 GMT Jakeobean
Daisy..thank you so very much....the pink labels were a bit bright....
Mar 25 2009 10:00 GMT Jakeobean
Annie..thank you so very much....we enjoyed our day at the estate and really enjoyed the tour of the winery....
Mar 25 2009 10:01 GMT Jakeobean
Peter...I have the bottle of Cabernet I bought down stairs...I bought two bottles, opened one and saved the other...I'll get the name for you....
Mar 25 2009 10:02 GMT Jakeobean
Ro73...you are absolutely right about the saturation...I think I over did it a bit trying to get the details of the mosaic to come out.....I'll have to work on this one a little....
Mar 25 2009 10:03 GMT Jakeobean
Abojovna....thank you so very much....Cabernet is my favorite type of wine...there are so many different aspects of this wine from the different wineries...I was quite surprised with this one....I might just buy a full case if we visit again.......
Mar 25 2009 10:04 GMT Jakeobean
Martini..thank you so very much....our trip to Biltmore was fabulous, although it rained the whole day, we still had a good time....
Mar 25 2009 10:05 GMT Jakeobean
Larry...I usually try different wines as we travel...I never expected this wine to compare well with other wineries, but I have to admit that it was extremely good...very full bodied....
Mar 25 2009 10:06 GMT Jakeobean
Cooler..thank you so very much....I raised the saturation on this photograph to bring out the mosaic but it sure made the bright pink labels pop out...Yikes...
Mar 26 2009 01:49 GMT klemmie01
Great shot! Where is this winery located? Love to visit someday!
Mar 27 2009 01:25 GMT h43
This is lovely and bright and cheery. Love the bright colours.
Mar 27 2009 15:37 GMT wifey
Super colour and composition. Wine is meant to be shared. :)
Mar 27 2009 20:55 GMT Jakeobean
Klemmie...this is the Biltmore Winery, located on the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, North Carolina....it's absolutely beautiful........
Mar 27 2009 20:56 GMT Jakeobean
Thank you so very much Heather...I think I might have over saturated the colours a little in my effort to bring out the details of the mosaic....
Mar 27 2009 20:57 GMT Jakeobean
Tracy....thank you so very much....you are most welcome to share a glass of wine with us at anytime...I usually indulge most evenings with my meal.....
Apr 03 2009 16:10 GMT soldier
Hmmm ... like in Hungary!
Apr 04 2009 13:09 GMT Jakeobean
Soldier...thank you so very much...I don't believe we have as many wineries as you do in Hungry....but they are becoming more and more popular.....
Apr 09 2009 23:36 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Beautiful shot!!
Apr 10 2009 14:44 GMT Jakeobean
Jim, thank you so very much...I was a little worried that I bumped the saturation up too much on this photograph but I wanted to highlight the mosaic tiles....
Apr 17 2009 13:21 GMT DC2349
the colors on this picture are a feast for the eyes! Lovely colors. Great work and cool shot!
Apr 18 2009 13:57 GMT Jakeobean
Debbie..thank you so very much....I raised the saturation in the photograph to bring out the mosaic tile......