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Tags garden


Gardens located at "House of the Rocks", Wisconsin.....
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 22 2012 12:17 GMT Foggydew
Japanese looking - nice!
Jul 22 2012 15:52 GMT hans55 PRO
nice park for pictures !!
Jul 22 2012 22:45 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 23 2012 13:55 GMT Jakeobean
Foggy..thank you so very much....this garden was very beautiful.....but it was extremely hot on this day......
Jul 23 2012 13:56 GMT Jakeobean
Hans..thank you so very much....this location was a very eclectic place...I think this was the only normal part of the park....
Jul 23 2012 13:57 GMT Jakeobean
Glenn...this was a very unusual place to visit..the owner of the "House on the Rocks" was very eccentric to say the least....
Jul 24 2012 06:07 GMT senna3
Beautiful garden design, excellent photo!
Jul 24 2012 19:01 GMT charlie26
A beautiful garden. Great entry. A lot of things to see on this one.
Jul 25 2012 12:08 GMT Jakeobean
Peter...thank you so very much....I would love to have a garden like this but my staff is a bit small for such a big project......
Jul 25 2012 12:09 GMT Jakeobean
Charlie..thank you so very much...you should look at the web site for "The House on the Rocks"...the garden was one of many thing to see in this place...actually I reached "overload" quite early in the tour.....
Jul 28 2012 23:32 GMT pauli3522
what a nice garde
Aug 02 2012 23:42 GMT Jakeobean
Hunju...thank you so very much...it would be nice to have this in my back garden....
Aug 02 2012 23:43 GMT Jakeobean
paulina....thank you so much....it was a wonderful trip with our eldest daughter and her husband.......