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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 10 2006 16:15 GMT CAPRI
Beautiful series!!!
Sep 10 2006 19:52 GMT cleftref PRO
Looks like a nice erm "address" ;)
Sep 11 2006 08:31 GMT Jakeobean
Capri..thank you very much for looking at my photographs. It was a nice relaxing day to walk around.
Sep 11 2006 08:33 GMT Jakeobean
Cleftref....Yes it was the town where Abraham Lincoln made the famous address after the Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War, but I don't think it was from this building. :-)..........
Sep 11 2006 10:22 GMT hans55 PRO
famous Gettysburg !! ...good shot !!
Sep 11 2006 19:26 GMT Jakeobean
Hans, yes it the famous US Civil war town. The battlefield surrounds the town where this photograph was taken. Significant event in our recent history.
Sep 12 2006 10:09 GMT rosey64
hey mate
thanks for the comment, a bit blury coz i had to resize it but its not to bad ay, one of my mates took it whilst me and my other mate were out sailin
glad you liked it :-) you take some really good pics too!
Sep 12 2006 10:31 GMT linnywv PRO
I like the sunlight in the trees in this shot!
Sep 13 2006 02:12 GMT Jakeobean
Rosey64, you are so welcome...I have not tried too many action shots.....another of many things I have to learn....thanks for the compliment as well.....
Sep 13 2006 02:13 GMT Jakeobean
Dudaidocks...I try to shuffle my photographs so I don't bore people....thank you so much for looking at my photographs.......
Sep 13 2006 02:14 GMT Jakeobean
Linny I think this was more luck than skill...........
Sep 14 2006 00:21 GMT Jakeobean
Dubiadocks...what a wonderful thing to say....maybe I'll start keeping them in fotothing. Thank you so much!!
Sep 16 2006 01:16 GMT Jakeobean
HQN...thank you very much for your wonderful comment....I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my photographs.......
Sep 16 2006 12:28 GMT wifey
This is superbly framedů very very professional looking.
Sep 16 2006 14:04 GMT Jakeobean
Wifey..thank you so much..I value your comments greatly...your skills are exceptional..........:-)
Oct 23 2006 06:14 GMT annaschnitfink
Good angle, very nice picture!
Oct 23 2006 09:33 GMT Jakeobean
annaschnitfink...the streets in this town were so narrow that it forced you to take photographs at strange angles....this one suprised me...thank you so much...