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Finally finished.......In the house safely and already filled with Lin's tea cup collection and plates.....
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 12 2013 00:42 GMT larrybenedict
Wowser Jake... it's gorgeous. I can see now why it took so long to complete. Real craftsmanship here. Love the hardware too. I've never seen such spectacular hinges.
Oct 12 2013 06:48 GMT linnywv PRO
Larry its stunning.
Oct 13 2013 15:35 GMT abojovna PRO
A treasure!
Oct 15 2013 10:24 GMT Jakeobean
Larry, thank you so very much....I've been studying with a master cabinet maker, Charles Neil, and with his help, I was able to complete this project.
Oct 15 2013 10:25 GMT Jakeobean
Abojovna....thank you so very much...it was a big step in my woodworking.....
Oct 17 2013 12:58 GMT annieann PRO
so lovely
Oct 18 2013 11:53 GMT hans55 PRO
a great result !!
Oct 18 2013 15:04 GMT Jakeobean
Annie...thank you so very much...I believe this represents my best work to date...
Oct 18 2013 15:05 GMT Jakeobean
Hans..thank you so very much...it was a great learning process...now I need to become a bit more proficient with my work....instead of four months to complete this, I might get down to three months...
Nov 28 2013 18:23 GMT senna3
Exquisite piece of work!
Jan 12 2014 22:26 GMT pauli3522
Feb 11 2014 22:28 GMT Jakeobean
Peter...thank you so very much...sorry for taking so long to respond...have been very busy in the woodworking shop. Hope you had a nice holiday and doing well.
Feb 11 2014 22:29 GMT Jakeobean
Paulina...thank you so very much....again, I must apologize for my late response...I've been very busy in my woodworking shop....working on new projects.
Feb 19 2014 07:51 GMT karlbark
Hi Jakeobean :-)
I haven't been in here for quite some time....so I was looking through some older posts, and I saw that you have a (Manfrotto) monopod as well as a tripod. I have a tripod myself, but I wanted to ask you if you use the monopod much?

Would you recommend a monopod? -I have wondered about getting one now and then.

-Oh and btw., -very interesting to see "the making of the corner cabinet"! Really! :-) I opened up all the shots and looked at the progress from relative start to finish.
It looks great! :-)
Feb 19 2014 07:54 GMT karlbark
Mar 03 2014 18:18 GMT Jakeobean
Hi Karl, So sorry for the tardy response....been very busy with my woodworking....I quite like my Manfrotto monopod. It's extremely handy to have when walking, in crowded places. Also many establishments such as museums will not allow tripods but they will allow Momopods. I also us my monopole as a walking stick. It's actually quite easy to use and much quicker to set up than a tripod.
Mar 03 2014 18:20 GMT Jakeobean
Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment on the corner cabinet. It took me four months to complete the project. Working on some shop cabinets, router table and a huntboard for the dining room. All the projects have been started but none are finished. I need to learn how to concentrate on one thing a time.....
Mar 13 2014 14:05 GMT annieann PRO
and it is very lovely too
Mar 16 2014 20:11 GMT Jakeobean
Annie...thank you so very much....it was a fun project...working on a cabinet for my son right now....
Apr 20 2014 18:01 GMT gtc126
a MASTERPIECE of furniture building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent job, Jake!!!!!!!!!!!!