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When cleaning out your old Tarantula cages it is rather important to remember which species you had housed in there last.
Should you forget and just dive in bare handed your exposed flesh can end up like this :(

I'm off for a hydro-cortisone bath and a Piriton lunch...
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 31 2007 13:47 GMT paparazziboy
Aug 31 2007 13:48 GMT AlisonBelinda
Oh no! Hope it clears up soon!
Aug 31 2007 14:59 GMT Riet
Oh, dear! That will never happen to you again! You are warned now.....hope you get rid of it soon......
Aug 31 2007 15:14 GMT Arik77
It looks nasty ....
Aug 31 2007 17:52 GMT Tavascarow
Aug 31 2007 18:56 GMT KingOfTheNewts
Ouch indeed
Aug 31 2007 21:40 GMT Bowser
Ooh that is not pleasant!
Aug 31 2007 21:54 GMT bazer PRO
That will learn ya good job it was only one arm you should take up horse rideing much safer Ps on the carpet to day told can be shouted and sworn at reguardless if i bite back im sacked See him in Hell first work sucks ;-];-];-]
Aug 31 2007 22:01 GMT Jagged PRO
If only, It's both arms, and a neck mate. My thumbs are swollen so the skin is rock hard. It itches like you wouldn't believe!
That sounds like good grounds for a constructive/unfair dismissal case.
Aug 31 2007 22:08 GMT stuboy
Cool :)
Sep 01 2007 05:38 GMT tony PRO
Are you saying that certain tarantulas excrete a kind of potent allergen or toxin that they leave behind after they are removed? It looks like allergic dermatitis.
Sep 01 2007 12:22 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Wow, it looks very uncomfortable, to say the least!
Sep 01 2007 12:46 GMT Jagged PRO
All tarantulas from the Americas have urticating hairs which they can throw at anything that threatens them. They use their hind legs to brush them off their abdomen and hurl them in your direction. They do exactly what you see above.They also tend to line their nests with them. There are a few different kinds of hair, each for different situations, each irritating in a different way. The very worst belongs to members of the Theraphosa genus from Venezuela, one of whom previously occupied this tank. I just lifted out the old substrate and decorations with my hand, watered it back down and put it all back in forgetting what would happen. This is how it looked 12 hours later.
Sep 01 2007 18:42 GMT bazer PRO
Mate Get Well Soon thats no joke F*****g ouch !!!!
Sep 01 2007 23:37 GMT suzannesmash
You need a swedish nurse, that dosent kill you...lol
Sep 01 2007 23:38 GMT Jagged PRO
Good plan, send one over asap ;)
Sep 02 2007 18:10 GMT Lensvision
Looks really nasty.
Sep 02 2007 21:16 GMT ijbison PRO
You ever thought about keeping goldfish?
Sep 02 2007 22:05 GMT Jagged PRO
I dunno, can you get dangerous goldfish?
Sep 02 2007 22:11 GMT ijbison PRO
Sorry, I meant crocodiles.
Sep 02 2007 22:19 GMT stuboy
Sep 02 2007 22:23 GMT Jagged PRO
Hmm, thinks "a 14lb goldfish would look kinda cool stuffed into a bowl on my shelf".
Sep 17 2007 12:17 GMT LittleMissFang
what do you think goldfish tastes like?...and don't say fish lol

Jagged I sympathise wuith the rash, i get the same sort of thing from regular bugs....i am so sensitive lol
Sep 17 2007 12:23 GMT Jagged PRO
I get a slight rash from locusts and crickets etc. but it usually goes in few minutes. This has lasted for weeks now and my hands are still swollen. I think it's time to say goodbye to my little friends :(
Sep 18 2007 19:20 GMT LittleMissFang
:( that would be sad .... hope you don't have to.