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Snob and Isabel discuss the logistics of spiriting Jagged off to New Zealand while he least expects it, cuz that'll be good for a lark.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 20 2007 00:48 GMT stuboy
Let them do it mate.
One place I'd love to go.

If you can't make it ask them if they'll spirit me off :)
Nov 20 2007 00:50 GMT Jagged PRO
Trust me, however wonderful the destination you don't want to go. The price is high.
Nov 20 2007 00:54 GMT stuboy
So, he's not paying then ?
Nov 20 2007 00:56 GMT Jagged PRO
He'll pay for the ticket but he'll want your soul in return.
And when you get to your destination it won't be quite where you expected.
Nov 20 2007 04:40 GMT paparazziboy
Great outfit
Nov 20 2007 05:52 GMT paparazziboy
Nov 20 2007 09:55 GMT Urko
Nice motor!
Nov 20 2007 11:03 GMT Bowser
Yeah agree with "soul in return" bit as there is no such thing as a free lunch (or airline ticket).
Nov 20 2007 11:04 GMT Bowser
Anyway, which one is Snob and which one is Isabel?
Nov 20 2007 11:06 GMT Bowser
Ah Wessex chapter!
Nov 20 2007 11:29 GMT Lensvision
New Zealand is a great place for some serious photography though..
Nov 20 2007 17:26 GMT Sketty PRO
Wanting your soul in return eh? Does that involve shoving nasties up yer arse whilst looking innocently at the rubber glove man?
Nov 20 2007 18:35 GMT Jagged PRO
if it were only that simple ;)
Nov 21 2007 00:51 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Bowser Urko excellent lol
Nov 21 2007 17:42 GMT 1bebei