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Tags london

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The distant shard from my window.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 06 2012 02:34 GMT saffi9
great shot i ve just been watching this on the news
Jul 13 2012 16:28 GMT Jagged PRO
Your images were removed by admin for breaking the T.O.S. again.
Jul 13 2012 17:12 GMT Jagged PRO
Your images were removed because they broke the terms of service. personal attacks, foul language and abuse are not allowed. As you well know having been banned for it once before.

You have been sustaining this one man war of yours against me for years now. Still with no logical reason other than your own paranoid delusions.

Now just hours after having your images deleted you once again launch into another tirade of unjustified personal attacks. Clearly you are unable to learn from your mistakes.

Why on earth can you not just try to behave like a normal human being?
I refuse to any longer be goaded into anger by you.

And just so we are clear. I have no ability to go about deleting your images. And before you purposefully enraged me into doing so last time I was not responsible for censoring any of your work

Now please just shut up and get on with your life.
Jul 13 2012 22:50 GMT ijbison PRO
If it's gonna cost 20 quid for Joe Public to go there and have a look from the top to say "Ooh, isn't it high up!", you could probably charge 'em 50p per skull for a look at it from your window. You can at least get a sense of it in context from there. And when you're in the shard, you can't even see the shard.
Jul 14 2012 11:47 GMT biggles
Looking forward to visiting The Shard. It is a bit ostentatious forLondon though isn't it?