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Tags jagged


Another fine comedy Jagged from the past.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 30 2008 21:47 GMT bazer PRO
There is no goin Back .......The sound Of my Clock is starting to drive me insane .... Ok More Insane ....Oh Got Ram Sorted extra 30 squids .. Bummer ..Lg Screen comes monday..... Oh Got Cs to work on G3 ,,,,,not sure How ? .........;-];-]]]]]]]]]
Oct 31 2008 12:49 GMT TREACLEPIE
Too funny lol :) You look well moody x
Oct 31 2008 13:05 GMT Sketty PRO
Oh bless you - you're adorable (in a mean, I'm going to kill you now, kinda way)
Oct 31 2008 19:19 GMT simon PRO
That is so pant-wettingly funny. You look like an extra from some 70's 'violent yoof' type docu-drama.
Nov 01 2008 18:56 GMT Lensvision
That's a difference from now.
Nov 03 2008 19:42 GMT Miniwood PRO
Camo and beads, priceless capture of an era.
Nov 08 2008 12:35 GMT jceca PRO
Nov 08 2008 17:58 GMT otilia
Nov 09 2008 16:44 GMT PIXELJUNK
Nov 21 2008 00:39 GMT stuboy
I bet back then you thought you looked cool !

You look like an extra from 'Biker Grove'
Nov 30 2008 07:18 GMT Lenster PRO
All that is missing to make this a jail mug shot is the booking number...lol.
Feb 16 2009 19:09 GMT mtvtheresa
boy - I could write a story from this portrait 1