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Tags horace


After half an hour of huffing and puffing Horace has managed to squeeze himself into a set of one piece leathers that are four sizes too small for him.
Every stich in this garment is screaming with the strain while I can barely stand for laughing.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 25 2007 23:58 GMT moniqpl
OMG, a brilliant portrait :)
it's scary but he looks here like Crazy Frog :-O
Aug 26 2007 00:01 GMT Bowser
Crazy frog - I can't stop laughing!!! Killer photo, really needs to be blown up and pasted onto the wall of the shop!
Aug 26 2007 00:04 GMT Jagged PRO
I wish I had got a picture from five minutes earlier, Horace was mostly in the suit by then, but "little Horace" was still stuck outside, threatened by the zip, with no obvious method of gaining entry and causing him to walk in a most hilarious fashion.
Aug 26 2007 00:06 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Ouch it hurts to laugh this much the things I have seen and now this
Aug 26 2007 19:48 GMT bazer PRO
Good Add for the leathers Why is someone elses pain so funny LOL;-];-];