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Somehow, god only knows how, or what it must feel like in there, he managed to do the zip up.
He sweated buckets inching it up bit by bit as he breathed in more and more and more.
Also take note of the sexy booties that will never, ever allow his feet to gain entry.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 26 2007 00:14 GMT Bowser
Please tell me he didn't ride off dressed like that - if so did you get a picture?
Aug 26 2007 00:20 GMT Jagged PRO
He walked outside (stiffly) and tried to swing a leg over a bike, it wasn't going to happen, so Jerry helped by pulling it over for him. He managed to perch on a Firestorm for a couple of pictures the had to be manouvered off and guided back inside. Much to his dissapointment there was no way he was able to drive in them, so sadly he didn't take them home.
Aug 26 2007 00:26 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Its all to much for me I can hardly see Iím laughing so much it looks like his head is going to burst o god its killing me
Aug 26 2007 00:28 GMT Jagged PRO
Yes, I suspect a vast percentage of his blood supply has been squeezed upwards...
Aug 26 2007 00:44 GMT Bowser
As I recall he still had a squeaky voice today!
Aug 26 2007 01:07 GMT CaptainSpaulding
I donít believe Horace cold ever have a squeaky voice thatís just going to far