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Rush at Wembley Arena. Courtesy of crap phonecam.
They were quite good (I think). It was hard to tell due to the Arena's notoriously poor acoustics. Anyone wishing to simulate the experience should put on their favourite album, get a long cardboard tube and insert it in their right ear whilst getting a friend to hum lo bass notes through it to an irregular rhythm, simultaneously shaking a tin can full of broken glass in your left ear. This will give you the full "live at Wembley" effect!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 10 2007 23:48 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Wow rush cool
Wembley not cool how to wreck a top gig
Oct 11 2007 00:52 GMT Pondy PRO
I never understood why they didn't flatten the arena when they leveled the stadium..

Saw Rush in '77 at the Hammersmith Odeon, but betwen buying the tix and seeing the show I'd been exposed to a considerable amount of punk dogma and songs about By Tor & his blimmin snowdog were starting to sound creaky.. I do remember being impressed by how many things Geddy Lee could do at once though.
Oct 11 2007 09:08 GMT suzannesmash
RUSH...awwww...thats real music
Oct 11 2007 10:00 GMT Lensvision
Looks like you had a crap seat too.
Oct 11 2007 11:44 GMT Jagged PRO
They don't do much of the older sheesy stuff anymore (sadly), but Geddy Lee still does several things at a time and hits stunningly high notes while Neil Peart's revolving drum kit had me in stitches!
Oct 11 2007 18:22 GMT Urko
Hey why didn't you ask me along, I love Rush - Spirit of Radio, far out human dude!
Oct 11 2007 19:29 GMT Bowser
Sod the hairy git above , how come I did not know about this one - damn!!! That makes not getting the Led Zep tickets just feel even worse...
Oct 11 2007 19:40 GMT Jagged PRO
Ah I was given a ticket back in February. If it was a recent purchase I would have given you a shout.
Oct 11 2007 20:57 GMT Bowser
Ah well, my tough luck! I can always listen to my various Rush albums and pretend I am there.
Oct 11 2007 20:57 GMT Jagged PRO
The albums sound a lot better.
Oct 11 2007 20:59 GMT Bowser
Oh, it was like that then. I don't feel so bad then..
Oct 11 2007 21:00 GMT Jagged PRO
The band were probably great, but you couldn't hear them for all the boom and nasty reflections.
Oct 12 2007 21:23 GMT Keitology
and he did as he said ;)
Oct 12 2007 23:27 GMT simon PRO
Bet the lights were good. Ssame mob I am working for next week on a slightly different tour.
Oct 12 2007 23:43 GMT Jagged PRO
Yes, lighting was good, some very neat laser work.
Oct 13 2007 23:18 GMT Urko
You are not qualified or inteligent enough to comment on people's pictures like that especially as your portfolio consists of only one shot - you r a cretinous baboon's backside.
Oct 15 2007 21:15 GMT ijbison PRO
Urko, that comment seems a bit unfair on cretinous baboons. Don't they have enough to contend with, without being compared to this arsehole?

Yeah, I mean you 'ononline', so turn your lame attention my way if you like.
Nov 16 2007 15:20 GMT biggles
Mmm, Wembley Arena, surely the very worst acoustics ever in the history of music.

I once saw Asia (remember them!?) from about four seats from the back wall, the rebounding sound made it totally confusing.

Saw Rush there twice too, but from on the floor and nearer the front.

The things that were great in the 80s were the laser shows they did at the Planetarium for the "Signals" and "Grace Under Pressure" albums, just lie back in the seat and watch the dancing lights...

Haven't really liked an album since "Presto" which had some excellent tunes.