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The horizon is a vortex into the forth dimension! These people are just returning from a time-travel worm tunnel. Did they visit the future or the past? I didn't have a chance to ask them....
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 16 2009 22:41 GMT Bellavista
Great spiral! Superb thoughts!
If I would get on this spiral, neither the future nor the past, but I would see again my lunch.:-))
Have a great weekend JP! :-)
Jan 16 2009 22:47 GMT Midworlder PRO
Very creative thoughts on the theme JP ... congratulations
Jan 16 2009 23:33 GMT aigil
Great entry
Jan 17 2009 00:07 GMT something
wonderful choice
Jan 17 2009 00:26 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Awesome... I can hear the little girls screaming now...
Jan 17 2009 00:29 GMT JPHarr
HAHA! So that would be the recent past. ;-)
Jan 17 2009 00:29 GMT JPHarr
Thanks! Those thoughts just popped out. Or... maybe they were FORCED out! Hmmm.
Jan 17 2009 00:29 GMT JPHarr
Thank you!
Jan 17 2009 00:30 GMT JPHarr
Thanks, something!
Jan 17 2009 00:31 GMT JPHarr
Grown men were screaming, too, as some of them had just visited their own futures.
Jan 17 2009 00:59 GMT colem
Good one JPharr
Jan 17 2009 02:08 GMT karlbark
Hehe, - good one! :-D

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Jan 17 2009 02:09 GMT JPHarr
Thanks, colem!
Jan 17 2009 02:09 GMT JPHarr
You'd like it, wouldn't you? ;-)
Jan 17 2009 03:32 GMT karlbark
Time travel? Who wouldn´t?!?
-Actually, in keeping with your sci-fi themed entry, you really should have called it "Event horizon"!! :-D

Have a great weekend :-)
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Jan 17 2009 03:41 GMT JPHarr
You, my friend, are absolutely correct. The knowledge within your cranium is astounding! However, I have had a few comments on this foto and the words I put with it; I don't want to be rude by deleting it. ;-)

YOU have a great weekend! I just stoked the fire ~ it's friggin' really cold here ~ and I'm heading up to bed. Nighty-night!
Jan 17 2009 07:02 GMT teddybear2
a cery creative entry. I love it
Jan 17 2009 09:33 GMT santaslittlehelper
Brilliant timing and picture. Too bad I can't see the EXIF... Always curious and learning.. Have a spinning weekend !!
Jan 17 2009 15:20 GMT JPHarr
Jan 17 2009 15:24 GMT JPHarr
I took this with a nasty little Nikon Coolpix2000, a 2-meg point-n-shooter. I'm sure I had it on it's highest resolution and in sport/action mode. I think this was one of four or five that I tried to capture, which means I had to stand there long enough for about 125 people to make return trips from their time travels.
Post-camera, I brightened it, added some contrast, removed noise, added a sharp filter, and cropped it for symmetry and to remove background clutter.
Is that enough data for you? ;-)
Jan 17 2009 21:47 GMT santaslittlehelper
That will do fine :) .. Cheers mate ..
Feb 14 2009 20:41 GMT Diva PRO