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I saw almost this exact image on an album cover recently. And then I saw my very own foto opportunity in this Lincoln Continental. The huge cruiser with suicide doors was parked next to the black Cadillac I posted a couple of days ago.

I split some more firewood tonight, and my arms and shoulders feel great. Man, I love that job. I should do it every day. After chopping wood, I go back in the house all happy and hyper. I drank almost a whole pot of coffee tonight. Any bets on how many times I get up to pee during the night? =)
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 16 2007 04:40 GMT Kickey
Wow ! 500 Billion and 1 stars in the Milkey Way !
Nov 16 2007 04:56 GMT YesHello
well im asking CHOPPED WOOD??????? or ???????????? LOL
Nov 16 2007 05:51 GMT sini
Nice shot!:)
Nov 16 2007 09:43 GMT paparazziboy
My alltime favorite car the Lincoln Continental..
Nov 16 2007 12:13 GMT JPHarr
Hahahaha! Yeah, that's quite a scene, me out in the back yard "chopping wood."
Nov 16 2007 12:29 GMT Mia87
2 times.

Seems I'm the only one guessing lol

Oh and yeah, great shot!
Nov 16 2007 14:46 GMT micati
Very nice shot....!!!!
Nov 16 2007 14:56 GMT JPHarr
Thank you.
Nov 16 2007 15:46 GMT JPHarr
Three. Plus when I got up this morning. =)
Nov 16 2007 19:09 GMT TRICKS4U
Only 3 times?
I always tend to flush before I'm finished draining the bota bag myself.

My all time fav car too! I always wanted one with suicide doors!
Catch you soon JP!!!
Nov 16 2007 19:18 GMT JPHarr
Like a courtesy flush for yourself?

The black Cadillac probably needed a big Pink Floyd banner in the back window. But I think this Lincoln needs a huge Def Leppard sticker across the back window. Outfit it with all the creature comforts, and then do the Hot Rod Power Cruise across America. Stop by Burning Man. Catch a little Sunset Strip in late summer. Winter in the Gulf Coast region and Florida keys. Follow the weather up the East Coast in late spring, and then across the top of the nation and parts of Canada all summer. Anybody along the way...? I'm gonna need some places to crash once in a while. Thanks, y'all!
Nov 16 2007 19:58 GMT kimbob
Love splitting wood!! It's really great when its cold out, the wood seems to crack easier!
Hate getting up to pee. It's really bad when its cold out . . .
Nov 16 2007 21:13 GMT TRICKS4U
I'm up for it JP!
I know a good spot with alot of wood needing some attention up in the mountains, and the hot tub is about 10 yards away from the pile.......and alot of cold beer. :)
You've got a place to crash here anytime my friend!
Nov 17 2007 23:43 GMT wifey
Excellent great find and capture!