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This one is classified as any old semi-automatic rifle would be ~ one pull of the trigger / one shot ~ but it sure looks like more than that, doesn't it? It shoots 9 millimeter rounds, and makes great sounds. The stock folds, and the barrel unscrews from the body of the gun, allowing it to fit into the bag. We were joking about how "funny" it would be to stuff a laptop and a book in there and use the bag as a carry-on at the airport.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 14 2007 13:05 GMT fsmir5
Clasical Rifle
Nov 14 2007 13:19 GMT jenylew
LOL - "funny" as a broken leg, me thinks.
Nov 14 2007 13:49 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Yeah "funny" in a Guantanamo Bay sort of way :)
Nov 14 2007 14:23 GMT 1bebei
I used one when I was a Youngster
Nov 14 2007 17:00 GMT JPHarr
Yeah, funny if you think jail is funny. This is my dad's weapon, but it belonged to somebody else before that. I don't know this particular gun's history, but since it hasn't been altered to be fully automatic, it's probably spent its life as a toy.
Nov 14 2007 17:00 GMT JPHarr
Funny in a "Sir, will you please come with us?" in handcuffs sort of way.
Nov 14 2007 17:01 GMT JPHarr
Conscripted into the Israeli army, were you?
Nov 14 2007 20:04 GMT 1bebei
No!, the Dutch Army based in Germany Looking at the Red Army at the other side of the wall..They where looking at us for shure, but I had my UZI to ratata at them, In case ..
Nov 14 2007 20:30 GMT JPHarr
Ah, those were the good old days, when the war was just a cold and somewhat idle threat.
Nov 14 2007 21:44 GMT hans55 PRO
me too used this one in the Dutch Navy ... protecting us from the Red Navy ... cold war !!!
Nov 18 2007 04:13 GMT granitbiscut
You could probably get right on the plane. lol.