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Over on the right is an iron gate that leads to a tunnel which then leads underground to a similar bunker. There were four total, laid out in a square.

This area I entered has train rails, probably for transporting the large guns and also ammo supplies, which lead into a heavily fortified bunker of concrete and earth. From inside this protected area, guns were pointed seaward to defend the shore from invasion.
I don't know if the spotter's building was to look out to sea (it seemed built too low to see over the berm), or to communicate with three other similar bunkers nearby.
The cannons were called "disappearing guns" and would rise up to shoot and then sink down behind the berm to not be seen from ships on the Atlantic. The idea was that it would be much harder to target them if they could not be seen.
The guns were never used in active defense of the Atlantic seaboard. For one thing, attackers never got close enough. Advancing technology eventually made the guns obsolete. They were replaced by ground to air missiles in the form of a Nike radar and missile installment. Those missiles were also made obsolete by the invention of ICBMs.

These are especially for Hans and others who dig the old military stuff!

I was shooting from under my umbrella by the way, juggling the DSLR in the right hand, umbrella handle clenched under the arm or in the left hand.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 26 2009 16:56 GMT hans55 PRO
fantastic ...did you go inside too ????? ... i would !!!
Aug 26 2009 18:05 GMT sini
Nice series!:)
Aug 26 2009 18:17 GMT JPHarr
Hans, could not go into the tunnel; it was chained and welded shut at the two locations I explored. But the air gently blowing out from the grate in the door was COLD!
Aug 26 2009 18:41 GMT hans55 PRO
its always cold inside bunkers and forts ...but not much temperature differences ...not even in the winter ...some forts here are used as wine storage !!
Aug 26 2009 18:49 GMT larrybenedict
A pretty darn good umbrella shot. Looks like the Earth is in the process of reclaiming this.
Jul 20 2010 14:04 GMT dcldigital
This series reminds me of when I lived up near Northampton, MA. There was an old abandoned state psychiatric hospital that I used to bike through pretty often. Man, I would get goosebumps just riding my bike through the grounds! Friends of mine actually went in one time and said that it was the creepiest thing they ever did. He mentioned that there was an old moldy pair of nurses shoes just sitting on the floor outside a door. That just brings some very twisted thoughts to mind.

Great series by the way. Like me, you regard the "Keep Out' signs as meant for everyone else!
Jul 21 2010 02:07 GMT JPHarr
I occasionally go do a little UrBex (urban exploring) and get the spider-on-the-back-of-the-neck and there's-a-guy-chasing-me-in-a-dream creeps by it, but that's gotta be a part of the thrill. Next time I get a chance to, I will.
Jul 21 2010 16:27 GMT dcldigital
That's why amusement parks and scary movies still exist! Although nothing compares to the real life jitters.