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I had a GREAT night tonight. Went out with my friend Dave on my boat's maiden voyage for the season. I bought the gas (and the boat!), and he bought the beer: a growler of delicious dark stuff from a local micro-brewery.
I shot 104 fotos worth about 180 megs, and so have some editing to do, but here's a teaser.
You like the name I settled on? The boat is a 1968 Renken. The name is kinda techno geek, I know, but I'm diggin' it.

Cheers, friends!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 27 2008 03:18 GMT kimbob
What a sweet boat! Great name!
Jun 27 2008 03:33 GMT JPHarr
Thanks, KB!
Jun 27 2008 04:03 GMT Lucky222
You guys did a really nice job on this boat.
Looks like a new boat.
Jun 27 2008 04:07 GMT JPHarr
Thanks! The exterior is just as I bought it; I haven't done anything to the outside. It was in great shape when I got it. The interior, however, is all new. Thanks to the Overton's catalog and the great people at Overton's, I really like the way it turned out. =)
Jun 27 2008 10:50 GMT Doody PRO
you lucky bunny !!!!! looking great & cool name ....
Jun 27 2008 11:29 GMT crunch61
Excellent boat and shot - pre beer i'm guessing?!! :-))
Jun 27 2008 13:06 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Wow!! So cool! FT better say bubbeye to JP for a while...he's gonna be out and about on the boat all summer LOL! :)) Awesome name too!
Jun 27 2008 13:36 GMT JPHarr
Lucky is right. I had been searching for a boat, using the latest tech and being alert while traveling. Getting bummed out, I picked up the ol' newspaper one evening and there it was! I went and looked at it, brought missus JP to look at it, called the owner a few times (she said everybody wants bow-riders, not old boats), and we got it for just $1,250. Amazing! Thanks, Doodyman!
Jun 27 2008 13:37 GMT JPHarr
Yeah, and then Dave spilled his a little when I accelerated at one point, and he declared the boat christened. ;-)
Jun 27 2008 13:55 GMT JPHarr
I have wondered how that drawled "bubbeye" was to be spelled. Thanks for that! So far the only person who has asked what the name meant is missus JP. She's not a techie. ;-)
Jun 27 2008 17:50 GMT hotrodharleys
Wow...what a perfect water toy....good job....hope will have many hrs of good fun...very nice....and next project..a four on the flour.. for the merc ?
Jun 27 2008 20:39 GMT JPHarr
I ordered a pedal assembly from a Galaxie 500 donor car. That was months ago, and I'm wondering if I'm gonna see my parts. In the meantime, I think I'll get the C6 rebuilt stoutly and just keep cruising in Auto. ;-)
Jun 28 2008 00:05 GMT fourdeadpresidents
I've always wanted a bout named "The Nauty Gal."
Jun 28 2008 05:17 GMT JPHarr
Did you say you've always dreamed of a bout with a chick called Naughty Gal?
Sounds hot!

Oh... you meant "boat." ;-)
Jun 28 2008 12:56 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Yes... both...
Jul 02 2008 03:12 GMT jenylew
She looks great! The name is good!
Jul 02 2008 03:15 GMT JPHarr
Somebody ~ one of my friends who I polled for ideas BEFORE I named her ~ suggested "Hot Rod Renken"