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So I was splitting firewood, and a section split in such a way as to expose this little critter over-wintering in a dead red oak tree trunk.

Look closely, and you'll see that a smooth bore was chewed a few inches into the tree, and then this larvae has grown from an egg that was laid in the bottom of the tunnel. The bore was carefully plugged with chunks of sawdust, sealing the infant insect till springtime, when I assume it would metamorphose into a winged (pronounced "wing'-ed") (hahaha!) creature, which would then pull away the sawdust plug and fly off to mate and chew a hole and lay an egg, which would then turn into a larvae just like this one!

Again, the great circle of life. Repeat this particular process by a billion insects of this species. Then multiply that by the broad spectrum of insects and animals. And plants. And then imagine rocks being split by frozen rainwater. Then remember the bacteria and fungi in the soil.

And then just stand back in awe. =)

Happy Thanksgiving, all you great people out there! Even if you don't celebrate this particular day, the meaning and feeling is universal.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 22 2007 17:03 GMT Keitology
omg it reminds me my moth plague in the kitchen..(killed them with lavender lol)

btw, we don't celebrate here thanksgiving day anyway may it be happy and peaceful for you too JP ;-))
Nov 22 2007 19:48 GMT jenylew
Awesome! No other word for that!
Nov 23 2007 21:54 GMT fourdeadpresidents
OMG you are using red oak as firewood?!?!?!?


Could have made good... Deer... Turkey... nevermind.
Nov 24 2007 15:21 GMT JPHarr
Standing deadwood selection in the woods where I gather is limited to, basically, red oak. I'm not cutting any live trees. Besides, oak is about the best firewood of all the woods; lots of energy, very little tarry residue.