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(Note: The topic is actually about using instant messaging to talk dirty ~ "text sex." I seem to have misunderstood....)

There are ideas flying around the blogosphere of people having or enjoying "text sects." I don't really know what that is. Kids these days are into the craziest stuff. It seems, anyhow, that the topic has so many strings attached; too many taboos; too many rules. We've all heard the catch phrases: "No sects with interns." "No sects before marriage." "No sects outside of marriage." "No same-sects sects." It seems we are only to enjoy sectual activity in the privacy of our own homes, with a single (lone) heterosectual marriage partner. This coupling of strictures seems so rigid, too bound by the leather straps of guilt. Human nature causes my mind to wander; my curiosity is aroused by the forbidden fruit of sectual freedom, even with its inherent risks. Personally, I'm a little more liberal with my beliefs in general. From what I know of the topic of unconventional sects, I would conclude that enjoyment of sects doesn't have to include anybody else. Deeply devout practitioners may find that solo sects acts are the most satisfying. And though I have never had a sects partner outside of my loving marital vows, others may find that trying new partners is very liberating. Perhaps group sects sounds like fun. Hey, man -- whatever floats your boat. And then there's sects in the form of text, apparently. Again, I'm not familiar with the concept. But I'm open to trying it. Maybe I'll give it a whirl, try a handful of teasers. You know, give it a couple text tickles.... Who knows? Sects by any other name can still be great sects! Anybody wanna join me?
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 12 2008 18:09 GMT youngster
..lets talk about Sects..But first I have to call Dr Ruth ..or Dr Phill..For some Legal Advice and suport..
Nov 12 2008 18:40 GMT TRICKS4U
For so long I've been misunderstanding sex for Sects.

Nov 12 2008 19:28 GMT Diva PRO
The photo is mesmerizing to me. Snow, sand, water, so many interpretations.
Nov 12 2008 20:12 GMT JPHarr
Don't call Dr Ruth; call Elizabeth Hurley instead. She has an accent, too, but seems... better. ;-)
Nov 12 2008 20:13 GMT JPHarr
George has such perfect hair!
Note: watch that vid from 00:10 to 00:16 over and over again!
Nov 12 2008 20:14 GMT JPHarr
In fact, it is windblown snow. Thanks!
Nov 13 2008 03:26 GMT GraniteRoad
Nov 13 2008 12:42 GMT JPHarr
Nov 16 2008 08:07 GMT youngster
..I had a Turkisch friend once 20 years ago, his nephew used to look at German Sex-films a lot, and everytime he heared somebody talking something in german he got a boner, no matter what they said , for him it was sexci like bum!..
Nov 17 2008 01:51 GMT JPHarr
Heh-heh...! Boners are cool.