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Quran Holly
Tags quran holly

2387 views 1 person's favourite photo

This picture shows Holly Book Quran, Hey, this photo I took memory of my mother,she died on 15 sept 2001.
in her days she used this quran book to read.pls pray for her,thanks

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 17 2005 23:26 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
Nice composition.
Sep 11 2005 17:31 GMT jolie
very intersting one

why 2 times?
May 07 2006 20:28 GMT bertel
Great starter,
Best wishes for your mother/B
Jun 24 2006 19:19 GMT mrsSharma
great composition i like this ;)
Sep 28 2006 01:27 GMT wifey
This is a very beautiful image… I appreciate how you must love your mother so.
Dec 19 2006 23:19 GMT azul
all my respects, my friend
beautiful picture
: )
Dec 20 2006 16:06 GMT Turban001
Szép fotó !!!
Dec 20 2006 16:25 GMT peterheaven
Hi there.I am christian,But I estimate all the religions over the world,and I think,that all they are the same.Just some people is interpretateing in by they own way and use it for make money,and to be famous.The world is in our hands.It doesn't matter wich language we uare useing for pray,and wich religion.Is important to pray with the heart,and to be full with humanity.I like this picture.Thank you.Peter
Dec 20 2006 18:04 GMT annaschnitfink
It is a very touching picture IsmailShaheem and a great memory to your dear mother that you still have this Book that she used to read and pray...
Dec 21 2006 02:41 GMT Poulet PRO
Great lighting and composition !
And,.........Anna said it all !
Dec 21 2006 02:47 GMT DGM
Very good pic Ismail.

May your mother rest in peace. She has a good son in you.
Dec 21 2006 02:49 GMT GeoffReeves
Ismail.this photo is very delicate.The light is lovely and soft so with your thoughts it gives a lot of meaning to it and suits this work.
The photo on its own is great,but with the reason it was created, it`s superb :-))
Dec 21 2006 03:44 GMT cikku
This photo is very nice. The lamplight gives it a warm and loving feeling!
Dec 21 2006 13:57 GMT Dexter697
Excellent Composition, Very nice.
Dec 21 2006 17:21 GMT noe10s
we shure going to do that !!!!!!....

... it is a great work that comes from a deep pleace in you !!

regards, Noe
Dec 21 2006 19:24 GMT genese
superb! very beautiful
Dec 21 2006 19:27 GMT PaP67
Dear Ismael,
pure & noble thougts make humanity greater
this nice & warm work is of course a pray for your mother !
Dec 21 2006 19:41 GMT annaschnitfink
Its beautiful IsmaelShaheem and a nice tribute to your dear mother....
Dec 21 2006 20:33 GMT Delmira
amazing what people can do for their mothers
Dec 21 2006 23:14 GMT Dorado
feliz navidad
Dec 22 2006 04:16 GMT jaleesandrabi

This is a nice composted pivcture and more taht that the comparision of Holy Quran and Light cannot be done as such but Holy Quran was send by Allah to enlighten the whole humanity. Keep It UP
Dec 22 2006 04:25 GMT hamrahi
wonderful composition and pic................for Holly Book Quran.
Dec 22 2006 07:13 GMT Scarlett PRO
Its' very beautiful !! ;))
Dec 22 2006 07:14 GMT gmastro
EXCELLENT lighting, composition, shadows and photo!! sorry for your mother!!
Dec 23 2006 12:39 GMT mysternaz
Hi there! Sorry for the slow resposne...this is definitely a beautiful picture...nicely capture the warmth of Islam. Al-Fateha for your late mum...take care Ismail.
Dec 23 2006 18:55 GMT teracotta
Very nice photo
Dec 25 2006 23:50 GMT papillon
nice ! I like it
Dec 31 2006 17:58 GMT Fankocska
I meant to say rituals are sacred.
Jan 10 2007 22:53 GMT litz
Great atmosphere and tone..!
great tribute to your mother....
May she rest in peace!!!