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Assignment 4 - By The Sea 3
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 28 2009 06:07 GMT johnwatson68
The storm is coming. Excellent!
Sep 28 2009 14:05 GMT gcox1
I would have liked to se an extreme close up of the shells with just a hint of the ocean behind them. they are kind of lost in this picture.
Sep 28 2009 19:31 GMT HeidiSampson
I actually do have some close ups of the shells, it's hard to choose only 5 photos out of the 20 + that I really liked, and this one made the cut. I agree that the shells do seem small when compared to the vast sand and ocean, however I really like the differences in sizes in this photo and I love the natural colors of the first few hours of sunlight.
Sep 29 2009 16:21 GMT amperez
I like how you got really low for this picture. It also shows the small size of the shells compared to the large vast ocean. There is also an even balance with the colors. There really isn't anything that overpowers the other which is a good thing. And the size comparison I didn't read your comment until after I had wrote my statement regarding the sizes just to show you that I noticed before anything.
Sep 29 2009 16:22 GMT nicopier
i like it heidi although i would have like the shells to be a bit more random instead it looks like they were just placed there. Should have dug them into the sand a bit more, turned one over, made it look like the ocean did that to them
Sep 30 2009 15:30 GMT ProfessorShuster
I agree with gcox1 about putting a shell in the foreground, and possibly using a shallow depth of field for the background to allow the viewer to truly focus on the subject matter.
Oct 05 2009 08:45 GMT AdiArts2200
Nice idea you had, Heidi. I agree with the others about the positioning of the shells. I like the moodiness of this picture with the dark storm clouds/shadows on one end contrasting the light on the other side.