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Hamin - Your comments exhibit PERFECT ENGLISH -
I congratulate "Ms. De Charm," Manny Gotti
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 29 2007 07:39 GMT candle07

Hello man y are like Boss.
Jan 29 2007 08:08 GMT Hamin PRO
More like John Gotti LOL
Feb 09 2007 04:05 GMT Hamin PRO
I plead the Fifth Ammendment !
Feb 09 2007 11:33 GMT DaveWilson
Anything you need, sir.......
Feb 22 2007 11:05 GMT autobahn
thanks for the comments, this pic makes me remind of the dukes of hazzard , i don't know why, maybe hoggs,
Feb 22 2007 11:14 GMT nika70
Very good....Nice caracter here..if you can use more a daylight for a portraits and black and white conversion. Here the colour is welcome!
Feb 22 2007 11:16 GMT pixie01
Thanks for the comment ! Cool pic.... No Fear
Feb 22 2007 11:19 GMT malavia2006
cool portrait :) you have chosen nice characters for the portraits. I like them
Feb 22 2007 11:22 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Serious looking bloke!
Feb 22 2007 11:30 GMT wazz52
Feb 22 2007 12:09 GMT Fialka
Hello Hamin, are you from Ireland in origin? You have got an old typical Celtic cross!! But your hat isnt typical Irish, I think! :-))))
Feb 22 2007 13:25 GMT saky
...hello there boss, you look great...nice shot, it reminds me tony a friend of mine in east boston mass
Feb 23 2007 20:04 GMT ldhill62
cool start :))
Feb 24 2007 07:40 GMT beus PRO
Very nice portrait!
Feb 24 2007 12:24 GMT Marit
This is funny, looks a bit like a maffia...Who's this?
Feb 24 2007 17:20 GMT Hamin PRO
Yes, my belle Marir. This is Emanuele - husband of this sensuous beauty in the black scanty slip. He does look like he is the "Tony Soprano" Maffia." man. Then again, beautiful girls always have loved the "bad boys." Yes!
Feb 24 2007 18:55 GMT Dorado
Feb 24 2007 19:16 GMT jamby PRO
i only have a PRO added to my name..but it's just a previledge around FT...but i agree with Nika70...she is very good in portraits!! thanks for visiting me in my page :-)
Feb 27 2007 13:02 GMT Windows2007
You are cool Hamin... very nice portraits ..not humble...good
Mar 04 2007 10:26 GMT nzshutter PRO
Great portrait!! Great looking face. Welcome to fotothing. :)
Mar 04 2007 19:13 GMT baz0106
great hat!!!!!
Mar 04 2007 19:40 GMT BrowneTroy
Hey, you like my picture! thankyou please visit http://www.esnips.com/user/BrowneTroy to see more of my work...
like this photo... can I draw one?
Mar 04 2007 19:42 GMT magnumblind
Mar 04 2007 19:42 GMT magnumblind
Mar 04 2007 19:45 GMT Hamin PRO
BrownTroy, I would be honored if you sketched it! I mean that - HONORED!
Mar 05 2007 03:38 GMT gtc126
Great shot....this looks like a man that means business!!!!
Mar 18 2007 21:29 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Sorta like Mr. Las Vegas
Sep 23 2012 11:24 GMT annieann PRO
oh hamin this is a fantastic pic of you