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flowers Flower


Had an unusual experience today. A bud on a potted plant that I keep outside opened, and instead of attracting bees it attracted flies. Anyone know anything about this?

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 12 2005 16:59 GMT Pondy PRO
Want it to close around and eat them..
Aug 12 2005 17:01 GMT grenthal
maybe this flower smells like meat...
Aug 12 2005 17:35 GMT Anieteke
Never saw it before! But the photo is great!
Aug 12 2005 17:48 GMT Sheila PRO
I agree with Pondy - thought it was one of those flesh-eating plants from the thumbnail.
Aug 12 2005 17:50 GMT HMBPA PRO
Grenthal, your clue was very good. I chased the flies away and then smelled the flower, and sure enough it smelled horrible - like something rotting.
Aug 12 2005 18:09 GMT kosmos PRO
That's amazing :)
Aug 12 2005 18:14 GMT PhotoPro PRO
A very good but disgusting photo! :)
Aug 12 2005 19:56 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
Sure wouldn't keep it close to the house!
Aug 12 2005 22:18 GMT Maryg
Nice that you have a rotten smelling flower by your house! Must be pleasant be around! :P

Did you know it was this kind of flower?
In the amazon you can find giant carnivorous flower that smell really bad (I saw it on National Geographic). Just something I remembered... :)
Aug 12 2005 22:59 GMT Misato12k
I know what it is! i think.. :D theres a plant museum here, and one of those flowers bloomed and it was in the newspaper because it smelled horrible! It's a star fish flower from Africa :) something i remember reading in the newspaper! :D it was almost the same color too, except just a bit darkers :)))
Aug 13 2005 01:17 GMT Rocco
Very interesting
Aug 13 2005 06:48 GMT Seraphael PRO
Misato12k: Thanks for the research.

Searched for 'starfish flower' on google and found several sites with similar pictures. One of the comments was: "Wretchedly disgusting, but so-o-o-o exotic! :-)"
Aug 14 2005 00:07 GMT HMBPA PRO
Thank you Serapahel, I checked your Google site and the Starfish Flower is my plant.

Aug 14 2005 06:21 GMT Seraphael PRO
Actually, Misato12k did the research and found out it's a starfish flower :o) One of the things I like about Fotothing, other than the beautiful photo's, is the amount of infomation you can get from it. This is another example. With so many Fotothing'ers out there, it's just great to be able to use their knowledge.
Aug 14 2005 14:24 GMT jabber PRO
Sep 28 2012 18:30 GMT senna3
Unique image!
Great to read all the above comments!