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We are looking for lines and there are many of them in this photo. The majority of the surface is flat with some fine parallel lines showing. My question to each of you: is the area within the triangle a raised area projecting towards you or is it a depression projected away from you? View it full size, copy it so you can turn it, enlarge it, study it in detail.

Now for the rest of the story. This is a vertical surface in a granite quarry. The rock has been cut using a diamond wire saw – thus all the fine lines from upper-right to lower-left. Within the granite there are a number of small fractures, two of them being somewhat vertical and one in a more horizontal plane. The three fractures intersect beyond the plane of the cut. When the cut was finished and the stone, where I am standing, was removed, this small triangle of stone fell out of the remaining wall rock.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 26 2010 02:01 GMT hans55 PRO
great granite lines !!!
i would say towards me !!
Nov 26 2010 02:13 GMT GraniteRoad
The triangle is a depression. The piece fell out of the wall. If you look at the left-hand edge of the triangle, you can see the lighter surface going into the area.
Nov 26 2010 05:55 GMT sini
Great detail and lines!:)
Nov 26 2010 06:56 GMT marijke06
great idea for the theme!
Nov 26 2010 08:08 GMT Icandoit
nice entry!
Nov 26 2010 08:14 GMT Annamaria
Great shot.... good entry for the theme!! ;-))
Nov 26 2010 09:54 GMT superJoan
Great entry
Nov 26 2010 16:06 GMT jomoud PRO
Great entry my friend.
I did as you suggested and double enlarged the photo.
The triangle is going down, i.e. a cut downards into the granite.
A fabulous shot and a perfect addition to this week's theme.
Have a terrific weekend and survive the snow, we've had 34 cm here.
Nov 26 2010 16:29 GMT Pea2007
Beautiful shot...wonderful entry.
Nov 26 2010 19:40 GMT soldier
Yesss --- many of lines in this photo ... stunning entry my friend!
Nov 27 2010 03:20 GMT ashdad PRO
fascinating fines!
Nov 27 2010 06:59 GMT FLUMP
I love this, A+++
Nov 30 2010 19:09 GMT Snap
Intersting shapes!!