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Silence is a tough nut to crack since all photos are silent as we look at them. Some of course convey the sounds we have all experienced but we are looking for the one that conveys lack of sounds.

For people who live in the northern climates where snow abounds during January, the woods can be very quiet, perhaps we would say silent. This was taken in the deep woods, away from civilization, on a very quiet afternoon. If one stood still, you could hear yourself breath and not much more.

Wandering along a trail, I came upon this stump with snow built up on it. The snow had sagged just a bit so I could see an imaginary head. It needed a little definition so without destroying the shape, I was able to add two eyes, a nose and mouth – then capture the picture with only the click of the camera.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 01 2010 03:04 GMT jomoud PRO
Living in the same climate zone as you, I so understand the sentiment you try to convey.
Woinderful work, capture and entry.
Have a terrific weekend my friend
Oct 01 2010 03:34 GMT rainbow71
Lol great entry.
Oct 01 2010 03:47 GMT sini
Great entry!:)
Oct 01 2010 07:49 GMT Annamaria
Nice fnd and good job...;-)) You must have had a smile when you finished this...;-)
Oct 01 2010 09:06 GMT superJoan
couldn't be anything else but silent...too cold
Oct 01 2010 16:36 GMT doramandragora
That is a sad silence if I've ever seen one...
Oct 01 2010 18:04 GMT soldier
Really stunning entry for today's theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 02 2010 02:49 GMT jett366
nice entry!
Oct 02 2010 15:45 GMT Icandoit
Great entry!:)
Oct 03 2010 17:33 GMT senna3
Perfect entry!
Oct 08 2010 00:16 GMT ashdad PRO
This is fabulous! Don't know how I missed it.