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Wisconsin state senate district 20 redline boundary, negative image highway map for RECALL of Glenn Grothman NOW! Corrected version (southern boundary adjusted slightly to conform exactly to Germantown northern border). Second attempt to upload correction.

Previous such map is thus obsolete. Retained to preserve view count.

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Apr 14 2011 20:06 GMT Gak
Redline border of District 20 superimposed on a negative image of a standard map of the area. Negative image is used to minimize confusing red highway lines.

Click for enlargement.

Has Assembly district boundaries too.

See http://www.lonetree-pictures.net/RECALL%20Wisconsin%20Republicans.htm

Go to http://legis.wisconsin.gov/ltsb/redistricting/senate_districts.htm for highest resolution senate district boundary maps.
Apr 14 2011 20:09 GMT Gak
Circulators: download the PDF file "Recall Manual" for citizens from GAB @ wisconsin.gov and print out masters for copying recall petition forms. You can fill these out personally all by yourself because you have a brain larger than a poppyseed.

Do not wait to be "coordinated". This is a Democratic Party codeword for "delay". Remember these are the same dudes who, by their timidity and shortsightedness, ruined our best candidates in November of 2010!

The Recall Petition Registration that was filed with the GAB is a blanket document covering all such efforts in each disrict.There is not a specific place on the Recall Manual's circulator's form for entering the name and address of the individual or group who filed the registration application. Therefore, any citizen can use the GAB's version of the circulator form. You do not need to wait for some from a "committee".

You do not need to wait to be "coordinated". You do not need to stick to the crazy super-short hours that the "committees" suggest. If we stick to only these days and hours, we will never make it!

Contact kentgen1@aol.com for info as to where to return your filled in circulator's signature petition forms or else return them to the GAB by registered mail after making copies. Fill out the bottom of each form only AFTER you get all 10 signatures. Careful not to submit copies.
Apr 14 2011 20:20 GMT Gak
Ask signers to pledge to sign against rotten peanut Goobernator Snott Walker and Senator Snott Fitzgerald. They can seal their pledge by adding their phone number on the address line of the petition form. When you keep a copy of this form, it serves as a record of such pledges. Marked clearly as a "copy", forward it to a committee as per the email address given above. Do this so they can keep a pledge record and an accurate count.

Use Google Earth, downloadable for free, to scout potential circulator stations.Zoom in on shopping malls, big-box stores,government buildings, churches, et cetera. Recognize them partly by their jam packed closely spaced cars in parking lots and by their layouts. Shrewdly placed circulator stations will draw lines of people ready to sign. Make big signs visible at 300 feet or more. Set up folding tables and chairs. Make yourself comfortable. Don't break your back. You will need to come back again and again. Circulate in malls and big box stores until you get kicked out, which may be never because many mall and store managers sympathize with us. Otherwise, get permission to circulate on the premises. If you cannot get permission, use nearby public property. Use Google Earth to scope-out these positions. The aprons of driveways are public property,by the way.

On your own, you needn't observe the abruptly short hours that "committees" use to organize platoons of circulatiors. You can circulate any day, any hours. Be careful of any community anti-solicitation ordinances if you circulate door-to-door. Some communities require solicitors to get a permit.