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#92 A comparison diagram of the gravitational field strength of typical inverse square gravity versus hyperbolic 1/kr gravity illustrating Birkhoff's Theorem that states gravity must be asymptotically flat, that is, it must display no asymptotes. This means that, for a perfectly spherically symmetric gravitational field, no asymptotes are possible. That is, it must follow an inverse square law and cannot be hyperbolic. No real black hole is anywhere near spherically symmetric, however. And, they are always grossly distorted by external gravitational fields. So, the theorems do not apply and are good only for approximate computations, not for "precision cosmology".

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Jan 19 2012 11:52 GMT Gak

SextonBlake, on 06 January 2012 - 08:10 AM, said:

"Surely "infinite gravity" is a contradiction in terms in that in the first moments of the big bang, the "singularity" was said to be so dense that gravity (and the other forces) did not exist."

Well, nobody really knows the nature of physical laws under these conditions. But Georgi Dvali and Lisa Randall have proposed the concept of “leaky gravity” that leaks or seeps out of our “local” expression of the universe into the metaverse or multiverse thereby accounting for gravity’s extraordinary weakness. If so, gravity can exist outside the singular point mass of the “inflaton” particle too and outside the center of a black hole. In fact, “excited” gravity may actually “be” the inflaton field, which is “like” gravity and may transform into it as it descends in energy levels to become, not a hyperbolic field, but the inverse square field that we are all familiar with.

Falling in potential energy, the residual hyperbolic gravity field that is still around after 13.72 billion years, donates its energy to the inverse square field that pervades the universe, kinematically increasing the size of the universe at an increasing rate (acceleration of the Hubble expansion). So, the hyperbolic field can account for Dark Energy as well as Dark Matter. One cannot get more parsimonious than this.
Jan 25 2012 21:27 GMT Gak
See the text article below.

This is an illustration for cosmology forum posts. There are several of these forums.

See sciforums.com
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Jan 25 2012 21:29 GMT Gak
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