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Hi! Pleased to meet you! I'm Furgus and this is me signing up to Fotothing. I was so pleased with...


Hi! Pleased to meet you! I'm Furgus and this is me signing up to Fotothing. I was so pleased with the reaction to my first appearance here
(see http://www.fotothing.com/Sheila/photo/34cb4567d1b822577d43af79525e5551/start=0)
that I decided to join up. I hope you will return from time to time to see what I get up to.

*** Please add me as a friend! If you add me, I'll add you too! I want to see how many friends I can collect - I AM a VERY friendly bear! ***
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 21 2005 21:54 GMT Sheila PRO
Hi Furgus, Glad to see you looking more cheerful!
Jan 21 2005 21:56 GMT Steve PRO
Hi Furgus - great to see you now have your own Fotothing!

I have added you to my "Friends" and I hope everyone else does, too!
Jan 21 2005 21:56 GMT kosmos PRO
You are very cute, Fergus. And so clever with the lap top!
Jan 22 2005 00:13 GMT PennyLane PRO
hi furgus! you are a very talented bear! i'll surely add you to *my* favorites! :)
Jan 22 2005 02:27 GMT curves PRO
Hey furg...nice laptop.....like what you've done with your fur
Jan 22 2005 04:11 GMT Becca PRO
I'm impressed! I can't type without looking at the keyboard!
Jan 22 2005 16:27 GMT Pewari PRO
"I would like one just like that, Mum" - my son aged 3 ;)
Jan 22 2005 16:28 GMT Pewari PRO
... of course I'm not sure if he's referring to the teddy or the computer - it's not always easy to tell.
Jan 22 2005 17:10 GMT Furgus PRO
He MUST mean me, surely?
Jan 22 2005 19:54 GMT Pewari PRO
Oh yes, yes of course ;)
Jan 23 2005 09:25 GMT Seraphael PRO
Hi Furgus, nice to meet you. Are you related to the Steiff or Harrods bears?