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This is not an ad or spam. It is a weekly game that has been shared with friends around the world for almost a decade.

Some have mentioned that occasionally the themes are very difficult to find a photo to take.
1st, please remember --- that is this is just for fun!!!

Here is a recent example:

I agree with Xxx 100%. I thank those people that give so much time and effort to bring us the themes each week. I try to make a contribution each week but I do find some of them too 'challenging' given the topic.

I understand completely how some of these may seem very obtuse.
In the past I have tried to find a creative way to apply a photo from my library to fit the theme - sometimes ironically. Hope that helps.

Here is your FunFriday theme for Friday, January 31, 2014.


Monochrome means one singular color according to Wikipedia. For photographic purposes, it refers to black and white.
For our purposes, it means show us what it means to you.

The theme for next few weeks will be;
January 31 MonochromeFriday2
February 7 RomanceFriday
February 14 ShadowFriday
February 21 StatueFriday
February 28 ParkFriday
March 7 FanFriday
March 14 FruitFriday
March 21 MirrorFriday
March 28 FlowerFriday

UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO ON Friday, January 31, 2014

Tag the photo: MonochromeFriday2
usual rules
1. Anyone may play - no restrictions, no losers
2. Post your entry on Friday, January 31, 2014
3. Tag it : MonochromeFriday2
4. Paste your entries thumbnail link or photo on the NEW THEME forum, your FunFriday photo both here and on timelines and in groups for Fotothing, Facebook and Ipernity - depending which you use.

*****PLEASE Note:*******
Due to popular demand and request, FunFriday is also being posted on ipernity.com. Many current and former members still maintain status here but are more active on ipernity (and to some extent Facebook) so there is now a group in ipernity and you can post in Facebook as well as here and ipernity.
*****PLEASE Note******

5. Have FUN visiting & commenting (please be sure to let your friends know you visited their photo by leaving a question or a comment) on everyone's entries!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Post your FunFriday photo both here and on timelines and in groups for Fotothing, Facebook and Ipernity - depending which you use:

Hint: You'll find the code for "forum thumbnail link" under your pictures when you press the "Get Links" button. Copy/Paste that code into the New Theme Forum here:
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