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A brief announcement for you:

July ...


A brief announcement for you:

July 13, 2005

Fotothing gets snapped up by ADVFN
- stock market data specialist buys photo blogging site -
ADVFN, Europe’s leading stocks and shares Website has acquired Fotothing.

ADVFN ( http://www.advfn.com/ ) has over 500,000 registered users and also owns dating Website CupidBay ( http://www.cupidbay.com ), which itself boasts over 400,000 members.

ADVFN's expertise at running and developing large scale Websites will be invaluable in taking Fotothing to the next level.

"I am very excited about what this means for Fotothing and the opportunities it affords the site. I will be working on Fotothing full time and will continue to run the site on a day-to-day basis. I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who's helped make Fotothing such a fun place to be; long may it continue." Dom Ramsey.


This is great news for Fotothing. ADVFN have a great team, and I'm now able to devote all my time to the site. You can expect to see more new features, more fun and lots more users in the near future. If you have any questions, please let me know in the usual way.


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Comments on this photo:

Jul 13 2005 11:35 GMT Mooncoin
Well done Don and team. You deserve all the credit you get. Congratulations!
Jul 13 2005 11:59 GMT Sheila PRO
Hope it goes from strength to strength, Dom. You deserve every success!
Jul 13 2005 13:51 GMT Adski
Dom, you are a very clever man. I wish you all the success you deserve.
Jul 13 2005 15:11 GMT roberte PRO
Let's hope it really flowers !

Great site and it deserves to do great things
Jul 13 2005 15:32 GMT kayo PRO
Good job, Dom.
Jul 13 2005 18:00 GMT Steve PRO
Well done Dom. Richly deserved. It's you that made Fotothing what is is, and with your guidance I am certain it will be "the" place for Photoblogging. I am delighted to have been in at the beginning of somethihg great.
Jul 13 2005 22:29 GMT Pewari PRO
Well done, Dom. Well deserved :)
Jul 13 2005 23:23 GMT Sprite PRO
Jul 14 2005 03:25 GMT Jagged PRO
Dom can eat at last.
Jul 14 2005 06:48 GMT curves PRO
Jul 14 2005 08:05 GMT rescue193uk PRO
way to go dorm, hope all goes smoothly and that the site goes from strength to strength - enjoy your new job!!!
Jul 14 2005 10:19 GMT Tiz
Great news! Hope things continue to go from strength to strength!
Jul 14 2005 20:10 GMT mcpaw
Congratulations Dom!
What an afford for some time of hard but good and successful work. There is some sadness next to the good feelings for you: Now Fotothing is on the stage to commercial - till now we where (with it) a nice non-profit-community. Hope things don't change rapidly and all of us stay here further on.
To look at all of your picts is alway so amazing, thank you all.
Dom: go on designing fotothing.com as you did till now! It's just great. Thank you!
Jul 15 2005 19:23 GMT solace PRO
big congrats
it's an amazing community & a really solid site
you should be very proud!!!
Jul 16 2005 21:11 GMT Pierina
Jul 16 2005 22:59 GMT beekay
I trust this means you'll have more time to get the tagging/graffiti/vandal/trash off of here before they ruin it for everyone else? :)
Jul 16 2005 23:05 GMT chubster PRO
Well, it's clearly a weight off your mind, in a sense, and I trust you've banked something off the deal, so well done Dom.

I would like to hope that the site will retain the community spirit that attracted us here in the first place. I don't want many more features, I want the Fotothing vibe and the buddies I have encountered here.
Jul 17 2005 07:14 GMT Pueo PRO
Hey great news Dom! Congratulations!
It is wonderful you get to devote full time to the work on fotothing that you love. Hopefully this only means newer and better things for us all. Great work.
Jul 17 2005 18:20 GMT duncan
I want to be part of your next project. Thanks for the journey so far.
Jul 18 2005 06:33 GMT Minz PRO
Many congratulations Dom.
I love this site.
It takes us all to so many wonderful places.
Great bunch of people as well.
Jul 19 2005 09:09 GMT sylvia PRO
Wow, congrats!!
Jul 21 2005 20:56 GMT elbourak
hi im new friend
Jul 23 2005 02:20 GMT chihuahuaturismoDOTcom
Have you seen www.chihuahuaturismo.com? there's a lot of great pictures of landscapes and tarahumaras indians.
By the way, the success in this photo it's because of the calid colors in it, mostly red
Jul 23 2005 02:22 GMT chihuahuaturismoDOTcom
Chihuahua it's known because of the larger sistem of canyon on the world; the COPPER CANYON
Jul 23 2005 10:36 GMT cleftref PRO
congratulations! now does that mean you will have the time to answer some of those resolution queries some of us raised? :)
Jul 23 2005 21:56 GMT Jorge
Congratulations reason why you to managed and thanks to maintain the site with characteristic apt for all the family.
Jul 23 2005 22:56 GMT persian
very nice pictures
Jul 24 2005 18:49 GMT Epsys
Is good! ( toope ! hal kardam )
Jul 25 2005 21:09 GMT Sheila PRO
5000 members - WOW!!

And for me 700 photogrpahs!
Jul 25 2005 21:23 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
Was wondering why we had gotten bombarded with new members! Too fast for my finger.
Glad all is working out for you. Sounds like a good deal.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm sure there's a new page with new members to check out. :)
Jul 27 2005 16:01 GMT Steve PRO
A now a shiny new Server Dom? :-)
Jul 28 2005 18:14 GMT cleftref PRO
the "Recently Updated" list means that a picture doesn't appear there for very long now with so many new members and therefore many photos are being missed - difficult to add to a friends list when you miss the pics in the first place and they miss yours.

Can the numbers of pictures be expanded to deal with this problem please?
Jul 29 2005 01:49 GMT myrel
Jul 29 2005 16:59 GMT jef PRO
That would be better but still not very scalable.
Jul 31 2005 11:06 GMT Jonathan
Congratulations. Except the google ads are broken in firefox and display on top of the navigation. :)
Jul 31 2005 17:21 GMT only999pandas
i also notice that the featured photos are usually all the same people. there are alot of others out there with great new photos also!!!! :O)
Jul 31 2005 18:10 GMT cleftref PRO
thanks for that info dom! :)
Aug 01 2005 14:01 GMT Fotothing PRO
Better now, Jonathan?
Aug 01 2005 23:49 GMT Pueo PRO
Hey! a new "email this picture" button. Neat!
Aug 02 2005 23:18 GMT JBW
I ve said this before, but thank you for this site....
I m in no way a photographer or even an amateur, but being able to share and delight my senses with the images of many people here is amazing,most of the ppl here are gifted....
I can stay for hours clicking from one friend to the friend of the friend and ....well, no words.
speechless and full of emotions!

Aug 04 2005 00:06 GMT chubster PRO
Jonathan, download AdBlock and get rid of the pesky google ads...

Aug 04 2005 00:09 GMT chubster PRO
Dom, can we have a 'previous' and 'next' photo link on each page please? Underneath the main photo? Gets a bit clumsy using the top nav bar after a while.
Aug 05 2005 01:05 GMT Che
Congratulations and good luck
Aug 08 2005 13:59 GMT DavidNewland PRO
Great site Dom , and a very good service and reasonable member price. Joined today and glad to be a part of it. Real nice community here.
Aug 23 2005 16:54 GMT MadhuPillai
Aug 23 2005 16:54 GMT MadhuPillai
Best Wishes