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It's question time!

We're always adding new features to Fotothing, but we'd like to know what ...


It's question time!

We're always adding new features to Fotothing, but we'd like to know what YOU really want. What features would you most like to see added to the site?

Obviously, we can't implement every suggestion, but we do rely on your feedback and ideas. So tell us what you want, either by commenting here, or use the 'Contact Us' link on the left of the page.

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May 18 2005 11:54 GMT Peter PRO
Free money every time we upload a photo?

Serious comments only after I have thought about it.
May 18 2005 12:30 GMT lorri PRO
How about a feature that allows us to put a pic of the CD album we are listening to, like on www.Myspace.com blogs? It is through Amazon, I think. It has a drop-down menu that one can select CDs, books, DVDs or video games. It's kind of cool. Thanks for considering it. :) :) :)
May 18 2005 12:40 GMT esther
automatic counting of the number of friends.
May 18 2005 13:29 GMT gonze
Message board?
May 18 2005 14:09 GMT rescue193uk PRO
one thing that i would find most helpful, is a kind of "search your friends" if like me you have a lot of friends added, and you want to see when they last posted etc, then just a simple search by their ID would be fantastic. Although you can go the long way around at the moment - a consice search within your own friends are area would be most useful :) Just a suggestion
May 18 2005 15:41 GMT alden PRO
When I'm working in the My Photos section, I can only see the most recent 5 shots in my archive. Please add an "archive" button to make it easier. That will make it easier to tag my older fotos.
May 18 2005 17:14 GMT jef PRO
I actually think the My Photos page could go away altogether, now that there's an edit button on the regular photo viewing page. Well, I guess we'd still need an Upload page.
May 18 2005 17:40 GMT lorri PRO
How about a feature so we can change our background colors and text colors? Right now I do it the old-fashioned way by going to Tools, Options, and clicking on use my colors/fonts. I use Mozilla Firefox mostly. Thanks again for considering this and the other suggestions.

I do like the idea of a message board, and the counter, too. I love stats!
May 18 2005 19:49 GMT danubian
Basically, I think fotothing works very well, what I would appreciate, is a counter, that shows how many people have visited each pic.

I also like the idea of changable background and text colors. :).

Cheers for considering.
May 18 2005 20:54 GMT Sketty PRO
Maybe something that alerts you to comments on your photos that you haven't read yet. I always forget how many comments each of my pics have had and sometimes miss new ones (I'm very stupid you see)
May 18 2005 21:22 GMT Pondy PRO
What Sket said, except maybe some kind of indicator on your own main page telling you if someone has "replied" to any of your comments.. I know we can see replies on the comments list but I find it hard to keep track of which are new comments and which I've already read..

May 18 2005 21:39 GMT Pueo PRO
Adding to what sketty said,
Probably a little tag that says "new" or "NC" for new comment or something near the thumbnail pictures on the comments page would be helpful
May 18 2005 21:50 GMT memerciful
if we could organize our pictures by dates
May 19 2005 01:00 GMT flingblatz PRO
I like the idea of a counter. Another thing to consider is to have the exact time that the photograph was uploaded. This would make it easier to find out if someone made the deadline on a challenge.

The new comment thing would be very helpful!
May 19 2005 01:06 GMT HappyPlums
i have a few ideas...
like a thing that tells you the people you have NOT added to friends that have added you.
and this thing that lets you delete ALL the messages you have with a button or atleaset the really old ones.
thanks you ARE the BEST!!!!!!!
May 19 2005 02:00 GMT Pueo PRO
FB, you can find out the time you've uploaded by clicking on the letter "I" under your photo. That should tell you when you uploaded your photo.
May 19 2005 19:23 GMT 2eyes
A thing I would love would be the function of adding
videos. Other thing I would like is the possibility of seeing pictures in larger size format. For example: when you like a picture, you can take a better look when you are hitting it.
Love photothing.
May 19 2005 22:08 GMT flingblatz PRO
May 20 2005 01:17 GMT antonio
dont make changeable backgrounds, pleeeeease. the design is pretty pretty now,
take back the little orange squares as they were the first time you placed them, without the 3d efect.
I also would sugest the possibility of a highlighted hyperlink in a word and not a whole line of text ( see this http://www.fotothing.com/antonio/photo/1af7b0f2e885417e95a53499080bb2d8/) sometimes the long line looks better sometimes not so much.
have some other suggests but I feel it´s ok for the time being
May 20 2005 07:08 GMT tbikba
visits counter undoubtedly
May 20 2005 15:23 GMT Seraphael PRO
Some of the functionality I would like has already been posted by other users. So, I support tbikba's idea for visit counters, HappyPlums idea for the 'missing friends' button and Sketty's idea for the unread comments indicator. And Dom, thanks for asking!
May 21 2005 02:04 GMT Pueo PRO
speaking of feeds, is it possible to make my friends list an rss feed?
May 21 2005 02:05 GMT Pueo PRO
oh ok... only up to the 10 most recent right?
May 21 2005 07:22 GMT Seraphael PRO
The improved RSS feeds are a great new feature!
May 21 2005 09:28 GMT montello
Its very nice like this!!!!! thank you!
May 21 2005 13:27 GMT missunderstood PRO
I believe that it would be a good idea to put bellboys 'previous' 'next' to move with more facility from a photo to another one. I woould like too can see under each photo the date in wich was updated
May 21 2005 18:36 GMT hartalemao
don´t turn it to complicated, with too many changes to do like colored background etc. It should not turn into a fotolog that doesn´t work for most of the time!
by now i think it´s a great thing!
May 21 2005 20:28 GMT charlotte
Completley agree with hartalemao and antonio,simplicity and no changeable backgrounds, please...Its the best like this..
An delete all commets button would be good.
Thank you!
May 21 2005 21:36 GMT alITTLEoFFcENTER
How about adding the ability to rate photos? I would like to see the average rating for the photos I've posted to better learn what people like. It would also be nice to click on a link to see the top rated photos of the week. I would suggest a rating system similar to the NY Times restaurant reviews, so that 1-star = good (i.e. no negative ratings so nobody's feelings get hurt).
May 21 2005 23:07 GMT HappyPlums
that is the greatest idea aliTTLEoFFcENTER, i totaly agree, we should be able to rate pictures to decide the ones that go on popular this week,
thanks ^-^ !!!!!!
May 21 2005 23:34 GMT gon
one of the things i like the most is the posibility of seeing diferent people of diferent places, and their enviroments.

in that way i would like a directory of members sorted by country.

and the posibility of adding an small foto on the profile page. could be a self portrait. could not.
May 22 2005 01:29 GMT rescue193uk PRO
Dom re RSS feed - using a mac with the new TIGER upgrade i can get them already and it works fine. I have chosen my favorite people and then it shows when they have added and how many. Very quick very easy and brilliant to use.
May 22 2005 05:34 GMT Pueo PRO
oh ok! cool stuff Dom!
May 22 2005 19:19 GMT James PRO
A way of recommending that others have a look at a picture. At some point you will need some moderation tools for handling forum entries (blocking/banning).

What about a "all about me" page that people can include in their emails/email signatures?
May 22 2005 19:21 GMT James PRO
oh and optional email alerts when someone comments on one of your own pics
May 22 2005 21:02 GMT HappyPlums
and can we block people from adding us to friends or commenting pictures like a certain person (gloomcookies) who added me and i dont want her to add me OR comment my pictures
thanks again
May 22 2005 21:04 GMT Wm PRO
HP + AlOc I can see the attraction of this idea but too many people just say "nice" without thinking. If there was a qualitative value then the idea might work. I find good pics that other people simply appear not to have looked at (or they have looked at them and not seen anything). I don't think this will work in practice as we all have a different idea of "nice" and what "nice" is worth.
May 22 2005 21:11 GMT Wm PRO
I have only one particular problem at the moment: the judges chose the wrong pic for the last challenge. For all I know one of the judges may be in love with Julia. The lack of transparency didn't bother me before but seeing the wrong pic win upsets my ideas about what I thought fotothing was about.
May 22 2005 21:40 GMT Wm PRO
apart from my moan I am more or less in agreement with James
May 22 2005 23:42 GMT Wm PRO
Dom: thanks for thinking about what people have to say. I'm off to say good and bad things about people's pics. I spit at your judges -- one bad judgement is enough, surely?
May 23 2005 07:05 GMT Pueo PRO
1)How about being able to reply to more than one comment at a time?

Sometimes my replies pertain to more than one comment above there and i'd really like them both (or however many I'm replying to) to know a reply to their comment has been made. Something like check boxes on the right side of each comment and then a button at the bottom to "reply to all checked".

2)Another idea, maybe a photo technique/ learning/teaching forum or special fotothing where someone can post a photo (or series of photos) and explain to others how to take a photos like that one. Although I know I've got a somewhat limited camera, I still think I could learn a lot about photography from other folks here.
May 24 2005 18:40 GMT roboman
I love fotothing as it is, there are enough other sites you can chat or learn abouth photography.
People are inventive enough to contact eachother if they wish to comunicate by messages and from there on chat or whatever. The beauty of fotothing is its simplicity!
Ofcourse a few technical needed adjustments is great but the rest of that stuff is not at all atractive!
Thank you so much!
May 24 2005 22:13 GMT chubster2
When you add a comment to an older picture in an archive, the image strip at the top of the page always reverts to the most recent 6 images. It would be nice if you could keep it contemporary with the image just commented on... Would save a whole bunch of mouse clicks.

Also can I second Pueo's suggestion for multiple replies...?
May 24 2005 22:15 GMT chubster2
and don't bother with changeable backgrounds - let people learn about cascading style sheets :P
May 25 2005 16:54 GMT lmc PRO
lots of good ideas here. the improved rss feeds are nice, i especially like the /friends/single/ link.
May 26 2005 04:48 GMT larcos
thanks heheh
May 26 2005 19:14 GMT James PRO
How about a feature for Pro users who can see the last X pages added to the site or since a particular date (be great if fotothing kept track of that). You may want to run it on another URL in order to bandwidth limit it.
May 26 2005 19:17 GMT James PRO
Another suggestion: comment filter that removes very short comments like "nice" etc. Should be optional for the page owner whether it is on or off.
May 27 2005 04:14 GMT Disheveled PRO
1 a.
I know it would be difficult, but if a title feature could be added on to each picture that appears underneath each picture in the "My photos>" bar at the top.

1 b.
If the "My Photos>" bar at the top could be done in flash, frames, or any other indepentant window type of a thing so that you can scroll through the images easily without refreshing teh page

Fotothing buddy icons for AIM (i could work on those personally if i had a bit of time and some base images to work with... but i'm not sure how legal using programs such as animation shop or flash MX to make advertizements is...

oh, and, by the way... thanks for the pro!
May 29 2005 07:05 GMT polyta
May 29 2005 17:34 GMT thebillies PRO
I am VERY happy with everything already. Any thing you change will be a bonus, but one thing would be great. Maybe somehow let us know when new people add us as friends as I hate to not add people back and I hate to think they may not be noticed.
May 30 2005 02:13 GMT HappyPlums
ME TOO!!!!!!!!
thats why i sugested the missing friend thing.
oooo maybe you could higlite their name in a different color if we havent added them?
May 31 2005 13:10 GMT montello
Maybey the possibility to make more than 10 comments in 10 minutes as so many more people joined fotothing and we gained so much more friends whose pictures we like to comment on, that would be so nice!!! maybey 15 comments?
May 31 2005 21:13 GMT thebillies PRO
Me too, I agree with the other two. I thought I wrote this too, but I guess I must have got over the comments when I thought I posted it, haha
Jun 01 2005 21:18 GMT flingblatz PRO
This is probably mentioned above but, some kind of forum or message board where people could just comment not only on pictures, but on life and other things in fotothing. Another thing is, a more in depth profile.
Jun 02 2005 00:21 GMT photo71
Forums and a chat room would go down well. I was suprised that there wasnt one when I went looking for it.
Jun 02 2005 16:14 GMT cleftref PRO
I noticed that even if you upload a 2 meg pic instead of a 1 meg pic it still shows at the same size - surely the idea of a 2 meg pic (for pro members naturally lol) is that this allows more detail to be displayed? is there a way of making the extra detail available by the option to view pics at different sizes?
Jun 03 2005 10:32 GMT GiAnNixMaRLeY



Jun 03 2005 10:46 GMT charlotte
please no forum, chatrooms and all that unneccesery things..love it like this..thank you!
Jun 03 2005 12:51 GMT xlilxhanzx
Dunno wat to say here but yeh this site rockz :) xox
Jun 03 2005 15:56 GMT DaveB416
A ban on grafitti would be nice :)
Jun 05 2005 09:25 GMT Milt
The site is wonderfully interactive which is what I was looking for. I don't care about the bells and whistles. I enjoy sharing my pics and getting feedback as well as sharing my reactions to other people's pics.

I look forward to controlled growth but with the emphasis on keeping the site free of the kind of negativity that infects many other internet people sites. In my short time here, I have not had a negative comment or seen a revolting page from anyone else.
Jun 06 2005 22:36 GMT Pueo PRO
Hey! over 2600 users.... right on! Hope your ISP doesn't mind us all piling into your servers.
Jun 07 2005 10:39 GMT nena
i didn't read every single thing. i just think it would be great it you could set counters, something like "folders" (cfr. flickr) and it would be sooo great if we could change the background.
thaaank youuuu. ;)
Jun 08 2005 18:28 GMT montello
no no change the background no! :)
Jun 10 2005 01:50 GMT partygal615
thinking gives me a headache.
Jun 13 2005 23:47 GMT curves PRO
Before you load up the site think about us poor land liners who acheive only 19-24 kbps......I have noticed a slight slow down since I've been aboard.....Not enough time in the day to see everyone......Just a thought
Jun 15 2005 02:17 GMT Pueo PRO
I just figured out that the "start=#" at the end of a url adjust the thumbnails at the top so they display the thumbs farther back in the fotothing. The most recent photo being "start=0". The problem with this is that when I want to show someone a photo I've taken showing the thumb in context the thumb's number is always changing depending on the photos I've uploaded last. Say, for example, the thumb for a picture is currently at start=25. When I reference that, depending on if I've uploaded more pictures the thumb that refers to that picture may or may not be the thumb I want to be there above the picture. If I've uploaded 5 pictures between when I referenced start=25 and when someone checks it out it may have changed completely to start=30 instead.

My question is, and it probably isn't an easy fix, can the thumbnail counter be turned around so it counts forward from the first picture uploaded instead of backward from the most recently uploaded? That way the thumbnails when referenced to go with a picture will always look the same... and maybe the thumbs above won't shift back to the most recent 6 uploaded thumbs when we reply/make comments in older posts.
Jun 17 2005 18:59 GMT beekay
can I second DaveB416 and say that a ban on the increasing number of graffiti morons would be generally felt to be a good thing..?
Jun 17 2005 23:55 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
Re: Finding those that have added you. When you go to "My Friends" The thumbnails are those you chose and the list below are those that chose you. A highlight of those you haven't added yet would be a good feature.
I like the picture rating idea a lot.
I left flickr.com because it was down for maint. often. I suspect some of the ideas posted here may cause the same effect.
I like the simplicity of the site. It has a GREAT community and I've been in contact with people from around the world.
So I say no to the "bling-bling"! Just do some minor tweaks and don't add what would later slow the site down.
Thanks Dom.
P.S. The judges are doing a fine job! Over 2500 people and one complaint? CHEERS!
Jun 18 2005 19:19 GMT forgingahead
I am new today and have little experience to go on. I landed here because I recently started a local Photography Users Group (on Yahoo Groups -- called "albanyshooters") and was looking for people to invite to join. So, some way to find location for those willing to provide it that is more specific than just country would be nice.

If anyone reading this lives in the NY Capital District, please check out the group. It is new (less than 48 hours) and small, but I am hoping to make it into an active place for discussion and with luck a means for getting together for photo expeditions in the area.
Jun 20 2005 10:01 GMT only999pandas
where do you find the winners for each weeks challeng? should be a page for that
Jun 20 2005 16:48 GMT duncan
The rate that this site is developing new members means that people are recommending it as it is. Don't change anything until you new members count drops off. Forums are deadly. Is there any way we can find out more about where this fotosite is based and the history of its developers.
Jun 21 2005 18:15 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
How about a pro option to allow my full sized photos? The resizing doesn't do some photos justice.
Jun 22 2005 10:23 GMT cleftref PRO
I asked about this earlier - thoughts please Dom? :)
Jun 23 2005 04:26 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
I sooooo agree
Jun 26 2005 14:52 GMT bruxinha
I like very much the idea of having hit counters and also something that alerts you about comments you haven't read yet.
Thank you :)
Jun 26 2005 22:25 GMT Alan
The low resolution of displayed images does not do any photo justice. You allow a max 1MB upload but impose a (very small) maximum resolution.
Wouldn't it be better to impose a 500kb max file size but larger resolution so phtos can be displayed so much bigger and nicer in all their glory?
Come on Fotothing, 550 resolution is far too small !
Jun 28 2005 12:58 GMT DaveB416
It seems to me that photos are receiving fewer comments. My guess is that with the increase in users, the photos spend less time on the home page. In fact just now, I returned to the home page to view a photo only to discover that it had scrolled from the "last 12" position. Lost for ever, without me being able to view it or comment on it. It would be nice to see a large number of the latest photos ... maybe an increase from 12 to 100.
Jul 01 2005 07:21 GMT imematt
1) email notifications of comments posted/received
2) ability to scroll 'back' through recently uploaded pics, rather than just the last 10 or 12 or whatever it is
3) NO NO NO flashy customisations of individuals' pages!!! keep it sleek and simple like it is.
4) More info about the creators/maintainers of the site... their philosophical reasons for doing the site...are they in it for money (more than enough to live on)?, glory (more than enough to inflate an ego)?, or to make the web a better place? One of those three reasons will make me invest in a 'PRO' account.
5) No ban on graffito. Yo! it's art.
6) No 'rating', or 'grading' of photos. That's juvenile.
7) No "flash, frames, or any other independant window type of a thing". Make the site as backwards compatible as possible, so folks struggling along on ancient machines aren't left out. Backward compatibility will do nothing but make your site stronger.


All that said, thanks for what ssems to be shaping up as a great web resource! Seriously. Mad props to all y'all!
Jul 07 2005 06:46 GMT Sheila PRO
Congratulations Dom! I see Fotothing has now passed the 3000 users mark. What an achievemnt!!
Jul 07 2005 14:37 GMT sotoxic
i´d like to add PHOTOS to a favorites list... that would be very nice =]
Jul 07 2005 14:59 GMT kayo PRO
I hope all our fotothing friends in London are OK.
Jul 07 2005 14:59 GMT olya PRO
over 3K! hurray!!
Jul 08 2005 09:11 GMT Pueo PRO
Oh yes,I hope all London folks are recovering from such a rollercoaster of events these last few days.

Still, good going Fotothing 3K! Thanks for all the fun Dom.
Jul 23 2005 02:24 GMT chihuahuaturismoDOTcom
look at www.chihuahuaturismo.com
There's a lot of landscape pictures
Aug 31 2005 10:59 GMT Pinklaine
I would like to suggest if you can add an info link to us everytime there's a new comment in our site from previous to present entries :> so we can easily check all our comments, you can either show a small red highlighted box with text showing NEW comments, for an easy to locate comments. thank you! :>
Jan 18 2015 21:35 GMT Fotothing PRO
Jan 18 2015 21:36 GMT Fotothing PRO
Jan 19 2015 00:36 GMT Fotothing PRO
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Jan 19 2015 00:36 GMT Fotothing PRO