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orange flame candle


This week's challenge: Fire

It's Bonfire Night in the UK this week, so I expect to see lots of good shots - but no blowing each other up, Ok?

Last week's winnder: Olya for this shot:

Followed closely by this one from Sketty:

But I have to insist that your dog plays no part in this week's challenge, Sket.. ;)
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 01 2004 15:33 GMT Sketty PRO
Awww, and he so LOVES being set on fire ;-)
Nov 01 2004 15:35 GMT PennyLane PRO
I'm keeping my camera focused on our backyard. They are doing some major digging out there - putting in new drainage pipes. If they stumble upon the gas line, there might be some winning shots! (although I really hope not!)
Nov 01 2004 15:36 GMT olya PRO
Nov 01 2004 16:00 GMT Steve PRO
Lovely shot, Olya! Had missed it until now!
Nov 01 2004 19:06 GMT Pewari PRO
I have a fire picture... not *quite* related to bonfire night though...
Nov 01 2004 23:04 GMT dawnabelle
Tell me about Bonfire Night. Is it a celebration for something, or just a fun UK thing?
Nov 02 2004 03:03 GMT ashdad PRO
My shot is up.
Nov 02 2004 08:51 GMT Pewari PRO
And more importantly, Nov 5th is the anniversary of when Rob and I started going out... (everyone say aaaaahhhhhh). 12 years ago now... eep!
Nov 03 2004 13:34 GMT tbikba
finally i got to the competition as well
Nov 04 2004 02:22 GMT Pueo PRO
Unless I can find another suitable picture otherwise, you can take my tie-dye amnesty flame of activism as an entry.
Nov 07 2004 00:31 GMT PennyLane PRO
Nov 07 2004 02:44 GMT smapdi PRO
Oct 06 2005 04:08 GMT nexus
nice pic..