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Now you're all here, I've decided to set you a homework task.

Or rather a challenge. A weekly ...


Now you're all here, I've decided to set you a homework task.

Or rather a challenge. A weekly challenge.

It's entirely up to you whether or not you want to take part, but you never know, it might be fun. Challenges involve posting photos on the subject of my choosing. At some stage, there may even be a prize. But don't count on it.

This week's challenge subject: Screens
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 20 2004 21:29 GMT Molly PRO
I've got mine up. :-)
Oct 20 2004 22:25 GMT Pondy PRO
This is tricky.. how to do "screen" without snapping my PC or Telly... hmmm...
Oct 20 2004 23:11 GMT Jagged PRO
Oct 20 2004 23:45 GMT kcat
OH, that's what's up with all the screens!
Oct 21 2004 03:14 GMT ajft PRO
Oct 21 2004 13:00 GMT ajft PRO
...and while I'm here, how do you arrive at the 256fc835... hash for a photo? I've tried a couple of hash functions and they don't get the number you use. Just curious...
Oct 21 2004 17:41 GMT somegeek
Oct 21 2004 20:49 GMT camdenhq
i am up for this
Oct 21 2004 20:52 GMT camdenhq
this is the best alternative to fotolog yet..be careful there are literally thousands of us looking for a superior alternative..

half tempted to keep it a secret!
Oct 21 2004 21:33 GMT camdenhq
deal. intersting features you have. the ability to delete my own comments is very thoughtful for one. the critical thing is speed, keep bringing enough servers on line and you are on a winner
Oct 22 2004 09:37 GMT Steve PRO
How right you are Dom! Spot on. Brilliant work so far I have to say.
Oct 22 2004 10:57 GMT JahNormous PRO
I'm there - just uploading my 'entry' now