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Tags tabby cat


Kit, doing what he does best - looking sweet and cuddly.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 22 2008 00:07 GMT photocharles
hello kit you look so lovely you are so wonderful
Mar 22 2008 00:08 GMT photocharles
dear sylvia and dear kit and the other cats happy easterdays for you too
Mar 22 2008 00:48 GMT LizSA
oohhaaa... big hugs Kit.!!!
Mar 23 2008 00:45 GMT Vasca
Soooooooo cute!
Mar 24 2008 19:27 GMT dalesgateway
Nice cats. Hope you had a good Easter. :-)
Mar 24 2008 23:07 GMT sini
Very cute!:)
Mar 28 2008 19:17 GMT malo
Mar 30 2008 17:44 GMT Minz PRO
Awwww Kit looks just adorable !
Apr 04 2008 15:51 GMT 32131
So cute! :)))
Apr 14 2008 18:32 GMT Pueo PRO
somehow I have an urge to rub that tummy
Apr 20 2009 11:59 GMT marioalbertina
I like this too ! :)
Dec 07 2010 13:49 GMT will
He was so pretty...so much like my 'Silver'...you know when I named all of mine, Sylvia, I gave them all simple names because I never knew they'd all end up inside my house...so Red, Silver...but, then there is Motley, Petunia and Cheeks, too...I lost one little one that was really the beginning. Little Serena that I had such hopes for and was a tiny little kitty I found suffering alongside the street as I drove by. When I tried to stop and help her she ran under my car. I then mangaged to pick her up, take her home and began to treat her oozing and closed little eye...after dabbling at it with a warm washcloth I found it was completely damaged. I took her to my vet the next day where he had no choice but to operate on her and remove it. She then recovered and seemed to be fine. But I put one of my other cats inside her room shortly thereafter and she contracted F.I. P. Shortly thereafter I lost her. One of the sadder moments of my life...We have high hopes but they don't always work out...I never forget her and she is buried right outside the window where she loved to lay and look out. Our beloved 'friends' always stay with us.