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This is 5-month-old Morris, who I met this morning. He'll soon be training to be a guide dog for the blind.

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Comments on this photo:

May 14 2013 12:49 GMT inna68
What a beautiful dog :-)....ich liebe diese Rasse Hund,obwohl ich Briefträgerin bin ;-)
May 14 2013 12:51 GMT tegra
How lovely ! So beautiful and intelligent too.
May 14 2013 12:57 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Thank you both!
Inna - so ein Blindenhund würde dich bestimmt nicht beißen. Die müssen ja besonders brav und gutmütig sein!
May 14 2013 13:03 GMT clintonfolks
wonderful collage ...
May 14 2013 13:52 GMT julie13
People underestimate the intelligence of dogs, these guide dogs are amazing and provide such companionship as well as safety. Morris has one of those faces you fall in love with, he is beautiful. I want to hug him :)
May 14 2013 14:42 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Julie...They are great for the blinds.
May 14 2013 17:03 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Thank you all!
Julie, have you ever read "Emma And I, the true story of a guide dog by Sheila Hocken? Probably a bit before your time, but worth looking for if it's still in print.
May 14 2013 17:46 GMT elsje323
what a lovely dog
May 14 2013 17:57 GMT senna3
What marvelous poses captured!
May 14 2013 18:16 GMT bandsix
What a beautiful dog Morris is.....and what a sterling job he will be doing....I've read the book Sylvia...it was great:)
I went to the Guide Dogs for the Blind training centre once, and it was truly inspirational:))
May 14 2013 18:20 GMT julie13
I will look up that book. Thanks :)
May 14 2013 19:17 GMT hans55 PRO
he looks already very alert ... a long way to go before he's a guide dog .... dogs can do great things also for disabled people !!
May 14 2013 20:43 GMT georgygirl2
aww so cute!
May 15 2013 03:48 GMT Siddhartha
How lovely
May 15 2013 04:44 GMT Annamaria
A beautiful dog!! He looks very kind.... I am sure he will be a big help for his new owner!!
May 15 2013 09:47 GMT MargNZ
The work these dogs do is amazing and I am sure Morris will be the centre of someones life in the future . Lovely collage Sylvia :)
May 15 2013 18:59 GMT will
what..really...yery.special.dog.these.are.........great.photos.of.them,.Sylvia.and.collage...-.they.willl..most.surely..be.cherished...and.loved.and.that's.aout...all.they.want......with.a.nice.bowl.of.doggy.food.once.in.awhile.....they're..happ y.and.those.who..will.be.with.them.c.ould.hardly..ask.for.more.than.the.companionship..lthat..they.provide....lots.of.love.here.it's.very.obvious..)...and.their.trainers.are.very.special.too.i.know!..)
May 16 2013 14:34 GMT Hanny50
They are soooooo sweet and well teached to guide, wonderful collage!!
May 16 2013 17:53 GMT SIGMUND
lovely and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 17 2013 19:16 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Black Lab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 18 2013 17:27 GMT Labkhand
Great Shot !
May 23 2013 20:14 GMT will
May 24 2013 19:39 GMT Donjames
Wowww...gorgeous dog....