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Paula (Poshbird), Tony (Bigbear10) and Dave (saffi9) at Attenborough Nature Reserve this morning.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 31 2013 16:32 GMT Donjames
You guys are so lucky to get together...
Everytime Hans and Wijnie come to SA Im tied up with something else but I have decided next time we are gonna meet!!!!!
Great photograph
Aug 31 2013 16:42 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
I hope you manage it, Don! I've known Paula and Tony for 3 years and met Dave for the first time today.
Aug 31 2013 16:49 GMT pauli3522
hi ..nice too meet you....yes...ft is a good place to make friends for sure
Aug 31 2013 17:36 GMT julie13
So thats what they look like :) Nice to see you :)
Aug 31 2013 18:08 GMT elsje323
hello, nice to see you all
Aug 31 2013 18:09 GMT Annamaria
So great to see Paula and Tony again! And finally see Dave too! It was a pity that we couldn't meet last year, Dave, when I met Paula,Tony and Sylvia when I was staying at Joans' house!! It was a nice gathering of International FT-friends... ;-)

Great shot, Sylvia! You should have joined them for a picture!!
Aug 31 2013 18:16 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful photo of group of Fotothiners! Very nice to see you together!
Aug 31 2013 18:30 GMT happysnaper
Hello nice to see they faces behind the kind comments beautiful shot Sylvia
Aug 31 2013 18:51 GMT FRIESIAN
So nice to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 31 2013 19:04 GMT Bigbear10
A rose between two boiled eggs
Lovely to see you again Sylvia
Aug 31 2013 20:05 GMT Petermosull
Great to see you, I have met My wife lefs4daze on here, also I have met Joe sheasoru68, dvback, wildspirit aInd Scotthall. I hope to be able to meet Hans and Wijnie when they get over to the States later in the year.
Aug 31 2013 20:20 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Thanks everyone!
Well, Peter, finding your wife on here was the best FT meeting of all!
Apart from Paula, Tony and Dave, I've also met Anna-Maria and Joan. You can see us here:
Aug 31 2013 20:28 GMT saffi9
sylvia i thought you said we looked good on them :)
Aug 31 2013 20:29 GMT poshbird
Hi and Thanks everybody, apologies to all for my sporadic visits here...I still enjoy looking at all of your lovely photos but get very little time to comment :-( We had a couple of good hours together today and it is always great having these ft meets. Congratulations on becoming a Gran Anna Maria :-) Hope you are all well and happily clicking away :-)
Aug 31 2013 20:35 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Dave, you all look perfectly OK to me - even if I have to slightly agree with Tony's comment ;-)
Aug 31 2013 20:41 GMT Annamaria
Paula, I am a very proud NANA and I just adore little Felien! Making lots of pictures of her and I even had a first fotoshoot with her... she is a lovely little model... ;-)
Aug 31 2013 20:49 GMT poshbird
:-) So happy for you all Annamaria...would love to see some piccys of her! xx
Aug 31 2013 21:11 GMT Papagena
Great to see Paula and Tony again !! And I am happy to have Dave's portrait too !! ;+))

Unfortunately I have no chance to meet some Fotothingers in my country !! Anyway no idea how many Swiss people participate here.......;~((
Aug 31 2013 21:20 GMT SpiderScience
The cameras! AHH!!! :)
Aug 31 2013 23:13 GMT larrybenedict
I especially liked Tony's comment. It is a nice photo of the group.
Aug 31 2013 23:21 GMT will
Aug 31 2013 23:35 GMT inna68
Wonderful foto...nice to the the faces of the "nicnames" :-)
Sep 01 2013 05:27 GMT MargNZ
What a happy trio and I am sorry you couldn't put yourself in the picture Sylvia.
I am envious of your FT day out !
Sep 01 2013 07:26 GMT hans55 PRO
always nice to meet FT friends ... and nice to share our hobby !! :-)
Sep 01 2013 10:27 GMT clintonfolks
great photo. a fave .!
Sep 01 2013 15:21 GMT bandsix
Nice to see you all....Paula, you don't look any different than you did on the first shot I saw of you.....and the two boiled eggs look great, too!
Sep 01 2013 15:43 GMT superJoan
Nice to see you all again.. must get together some time .. we keep saying it Sylvia.. but time flies by....home again now for two weeks then off on our travels again.. never at home for long.....we have such a lot to cram into time allotted...
Sep 01 2013 19:04 GMT georgygirl2
nice to see you all, handsome boiled eggs with a very pretty rose!
Sep 02 2013 00:57 GMT mellie
Great shot of all three! :-))
Sep 02 2013 05:17 GMT Squirrel PRO
BEAUTIFUL PHOTO AND BACKGROUND::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Sep 02 2013 09:09 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Thanks for the comments everyone!
Joan, maybe we can meet up in October - coordinate our visits to Highfields to get some autumnal shots for instance.....
Sep 02 2013 18:19 GMT wijnie58
Great to see you all...I hope you have a great time...!!
Sep 03 2013 18:30 GMT charlie26
It's very nice to see all of you. And a lovely shot too.
Sep 09 2013 02:38 GMT Studio88
Nice to see Fotothingers ;-)