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Why do cats prefer to drink from a birdbath rather than their nice clean bowl indoors?!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 04 2012 21:00 GMT elsje323
I don't know but a lovely shot
Aug 04 2012 21:01 GMT julie13
Yes, they can taste the chemicals in the water, after about an hour the taste goes so they prefer it then, in the meantime the bird bath is fine especially if their is a bird in it :)
Aug 04 2012 21:12 GMT will
Birdy flavoured water is always better isn't it? Mystery solved :p ) great pic, Sylvia!
Aug 04 2012 21:14 GMT will
he certainly looks well fed btw ) he must get plenty of treats like mine )
Aug 04 2012 21:26 GMT Zodyak
Nice catch :)
Aug 04 2012 21:41 GMT Snappa
Essence of Bird..Yum!
Aug 04 2012 21:53 GMT blackymail
Cats prefer to drink from birdbaths because they are not "nice-clean-bowl-indoor-animals" ;)
Aug 04 2012 22:53 GMT larrybenedict
Time to confess Sylvia...you failed to put out water for the kitty! :-)
Aug 04 2012 23:23 GMT megmet PRO
My cat will drink out of the birdbath and also out of a bowl in the kitchen sink....she will not drink the same water from the same bowl if it's put on the floor by her food dish.

They sure do have a mind of their own! =^..^=
Aug 04 2012 23:51 GMT rob22stan
My cat drinks out of a watering can that we have to leave full specially for her, Rarely see her drink from her own bowl, Nice image you have captured by the way.
Aug 05 2012 01:12 GMT MargNZ
They are all the same .... lovely capture Sylvia :)
Aug 05 2012 05:47 GMT julie13
My dog drinks out of the toilet :(
Aug 05 2012 07:48 GMT Bigbear10
A great candid capture Sylvia
Aug 05 2012 08:03 GMT saffi9
great catch love julies comment
Aug 05 2012 08:06 GMT Lie
Whooow lovely cat and shot....does"t he know this water is for birds ? or does it taste muts better then..
Lovely catshot !
Aug 05 2012 09:03 GMT wijnie58
Lovely shot, Sylvia...Simba and Binkie drinks together from the same bowl...:-))
Aug 05 2012 13:01 GMT sini
Wonderful capture!:)
Aug 05 2012 15:19 GMT bandsix
Great capture !
Aug 05 2012 16:17 GMT Annamaria
Great catch! Thats a big cat, Sylvia!!
Aug 05 2012 16:24 GMT FRIESIAN
Aug 05 2012 16:27 GMT Donjames
The mind boggles, Demi prefers the rinse water from the dishes I think she may be addicted to the taste of soap....;-))
Aug 05 2012 23:25 GMT gtc126
Wonderful Candid capture of the cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 07 2012 16:46 GMT pauli3522
jajajajaja..i donĀ“t know..but it is the true
Aug 25 2012 08:06 GMT linnywv PRO
What a terrific capture!
Aug 27 2012 12:43 GMT mbz
Sep 24 2012 16:24 GMT mellie
This cat was made for pictures & his friend too. If I leave my glass of water on the end table our cat always drinks out of it. She got a surprise one day when it was iced tea. Surprise was on me ... she liked it.