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And the light shone down - Regents Park, London
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 27 2006 20:19 GMT marijke06
nice light.......and the light shone down.....never could have said this....but I still learn...:) or is this irish?...:)
Oct 27 2006 20:28 GMT Foggydew
you know me - words are to play with - the Irish do like a turn of phrase :)
and the light shone down - slightly biblical don't you think or mabe its just me :)
Oct 27 2006 21:50 GMT annaschnitfink
It is almost biblical foggydew.
In the bible it is said: ...and there was light...
No more, no less

Beautiful light shining down and a marvellous fence!!!
Oct 28 2006 04:11 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful ray here !
Have a great weekend, Foggydew !
Oct 28 2006 06:42 GMT marijke06
oh foggy, I think I understand you....but I ment the word "shone'....I feel so stupid some times.....the part of the phrase...yes, i think I did understand that.....but for this kind of conversation my english is too bad... if you could speak dutch...that would be fun....!!! I like to play with words, but I cannot do that in english...:(
Oct 28 2006 07:09 GMT Foggydew
marijke - for a dutch person you have a remarkable grasp of english - better than a lot of english people I know. Maybe its beter that english is not your native tongue - your wit might be too good :)

(how did you develop such good english?)
Oct 28 2006 07:58 GMT marijke06
foggy, thanks to you and all native speakers here on Ft...:)))
Oct 28 2006 07:59 GMT marijke06
if you learn me bad things.....it is your fault, because I believe what you tell me.....:))) LOL
Oct 28 2006 08:01 GMT Foggydew
you have come to the right teacher - I am awash with them :)