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is drinking a sport? - thought not :)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 13 2012 17:16 GMT elsje323
no not a sport, but great find
Jul 13 2012 17:31 GMT Annamaria
Some people think it is.....;-(
Jul 13 2012 17:38 GMT T1MELESS PRO
It is Foggy and it is my kind of sport Have you ever seen the race to get to a pub on a happy hour :-))
Jul 13 2012 17:47 GMT bandsix
Good entry....I know quite a few who could enter the Olympics if it was classed as a sport..!
Jul 13 2012 18:17 GMT roncarlin PRO
Bottoms up. Some people think it's a sport.
Jul 13 2012 19:40 GMT jomoud PRO
The question if it is a sport totally depends on the size and weight of the beer stein.
If large and heavy enough it will qualify as light weight lifting:):)
I love the entry Foggy!!!!!:):):)
Have a fabulous and beer filled weekend
Jul 13 2012 21:24 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic entry, Foggy....Great find..:-))
Jul 13 2012 22:00 GMT MargNZ
Love your entry Foggy .... when in doubt have a drink :))
Jul 14 2012 03:53 GMT sini
Jul 14 2012 21:13 GMT marijke06
;-) if you like....:)
Jul 18 2012 11:17 GMT baltic
You can stand a lot without eating, but how long are you going to survive without drinking:)))??
Jul 18 2012 17:35 GMT Squirrel PRO
FUNNY SHOT AND ENTRY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Jul 19 2012 19:13 GMT senna3
Original entry!