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Comments on this photo:

Dec 01 2006 14:56 GMT alx84dan
.. such a bad habit :))
still, a great foto. what were you thinking about?
Dec 01 2006 15:02 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
To think I have to stop with this again....I stoped for 1,5 year and I returned 6 months ago....Now I m thinking about to stop it again and for good.
Dec 01 2006 15:03 GMT paparazziboy
....Great picture of a wonderful and very wise man....
Dec 01 2006 15:21 GMT paparazziboy
..I just started with smoking...something I have never done before in my life!,..I like it..It makes me feel allive....
Dec 01 2006 15:23 GMT Elise
If you smoke....you smell like an ashtray :))
Dec 01 2006 15:37 GMT paparazziboy
..I guess it's not allowed to smoke in your SuperTopless Beemer?
Dec 01 2006 15:43 GMT Elise
Nopes pboy.....I think also not in any other peoples cars:))
Dec 01 2006 15:44 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Theres a portuguese deputy that said it worst...if you kiss a girl who smokes you are kissing an ashtray....comeon Elise...That s human kind
Dec 01 2006 15:45 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
I know the feeling....but is better stop it
Dec 01 2006 15:47 GMT paparazziboy
..soo , in my case its quite normal to start smoking, instead of kissing ashtray's
Dec 01 2006 15:50 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
you can do both if you don t fin any thing better to kiss lol
Dec 01 2006 16:12 GMT ENZO
temos algumas coisas em comum

uma delas Ú esse vÝcio

Dec 01 2006 16:12 GMT CovAga
Fantastic Portrait...
Dec 01 2006 21:55 GMT litz
good for you if you-ll stop....!
my father died of lung cancer...a chainsmoker!!!
Dec 01 2006 22:23 GMT patraaey
Think about your lung!!!
Dec 02 2006 00:05 GMT abojovna PRO
Friendly photo! I am also in club:-)!
Dec 02 2006 01:37 GMT lacilu
╔ um vicio termendo mas faz bem ao espirito
Dec 02 2006 12:54 GMT Riet
If you kiss a woman who is also a smoker the pleasure intensifies......
sorry, just joking :)))
Dec 02 2006 13:14 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
When we kiss someone with passion we don t even notice if he or she is smoking-:)))
Dec 02 2006 14:14 GMT Riet
Dec 02 2006 15:10 GMT amateurnight
Great details here. Great tight angle and selection!
Dec 03 2006 00:49 GMT aquiles PRO
GRAN FOTO !!!!!!!!
Dec 03 2006 00:53 GMT moniqpl
fellow smoker :-) I thought about giving up but I can't - I like smoking..:)