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My latest projec...can't afford to keep paying tech high prices so I decided to just build my own . That way I can get just what I want..:-)
Started out to be a 5E7TMB (1957 Bandmaster) ..ended as a 5F4TMB Super amp....the only diff. is the speaker configuration...3 x 10" in a Bandmaster and 2 X 10" for the Super.....I used some old Mahogany shelving for the cabinet...it sounds AWSOME...40 watts of sweet tonal bliss :-)))
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 27 2010 15:08 GMT Donjames
Fabulous woodwork....
Jun 27 2010 15:11 GMT Empty
Thanx Don....it was a real fun project....the kind of amp your wife will let you keep in the living room... ;-)
Jun 27 2010 15:26 GMT Donjames
Nothing like good sound... I sometimes blow the cobwebs out the KEF speakers I have and get dirty looks.... Your joints (dovetail?) on top corners are perfect!!!!
Jun 27 2010 15:57 GMT cdc PRO
great work
Jun 27 2010 16:55 GMT peterpinhole
Nice work my friend....I bet it sings with those 40 watts cranked!
Jun 27 2010 23:10 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful work there Patrick, hope it sounds as good as it looks, still have my old Vox 30 ;-)
Jun 28 2010 01:38 GMT Empty
Just plain finger (box) joints Don...(helps to have a nice router jig)...and I used a 1/2 in. round router for the edges. the finish is 6 coates of hand rubbed oil and stain , light walnut..then carnuba waxed...... :-)
Jun 28 2010 01:40 GMT Empty
...Oh it does cooler... :-) Is your Vox an original ac30...I like those better than the new ones...how old is it.. ??
Jun 29 2010 13:59 GMT Cooler PRO
Yes I got it used in 1972 when I was still playing. Had some faulty tubes which was very
hard to get around 1980, but around 1992 a repair workshop could order them and fix it.
Still plug in my guitar to cheer me up ;-)
Jul 09 2010 19:07 GMT SomersetDreams
Mean machine! I'm sure you make beautiful music together! :)
Aug 04 2010 20:38 GMT hans55 PRO
famous guitar !!!